Saturday, May 20, 2023

Taking my niece for a ride - Part 1


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Sarah lay down on the hotel bed, still feeling the dampness of her sweaty back while she took her socks off. The scent of lavender shampoo filled the room when she opened a small bag on the edge of the bed, calming her senses as she closed her eyes. She stopped by the hotel’s custom soap shop to bring a few things, and she was definitely looking forward to using a few of the bath bombs. 

She had spent the day at the hotel’s gym, pushing her body to its limits to stay in shape. A few days had passed since her last workout, and she knew she had to keep eating and lifting to maintain her physique. The last getaway she had with Henry left her feeling weak by the time they got home, and she wasn’t planning on feeling the same way again. But as the soreness in her muscles reminded her of the effort she had put in, she knew it probably wasn’t going to happen. 

She learned her lesson, and she didn’t want to ruin her progress. Taking out her phone, she stepped into the bathroom with her bath products and playfully ran her fingers along her T-shirt. She took a photo to send to Henry - this was probably the farthest she had gone with her progress. Even Henry was loving her peak physical shape, and she knew that he saved photos like these for later The things he also did to her now that she was in her prime made her excited for him to return to the room. “Hurry up,” Sarah said in the caption of the photo before sending it to Henry. He had gone to the gym with her but had to go pick something up from one of the local stores for his sister, so she came back to the room to clean herself up. “Maybe we can have a bit of fun after my bath,” Sarah said while she returned to the hotel bed. 

Filled with excitement she sat on the edge of the bed to start stripping down. But just before she could do so, the door to her room creaked open. Sarah, assuming it was her husband Henry, quickly stretched along the bed and pretended to be asleep. She didn’t even get a chance to have her bath, but she knew her husband wouldn’t mind. Instead, she smiled and waited, welcoming the familiar touch she expected from him while she pretended to sleep. 

She felt the warm hand gently stroking her foot and then moving up her leg. The touch was delicate and loving, making her feel safe and cherished while she playfully moved her bum. A finger ran along the curves of her waist before a different yet familiar laugh forced Sarah’s eyes to open.

When Sarah opened her eyes, she found herself staring at her Aunt Ciara. She was an overweight woman with a crooked smile and an unbelievably generous heart. She was always a big hugger, but she seemed a little too close as Sarah stirred on her bed. She trusted her aunt with her life because of everything she had provided her. From free rent, expensive clothing, gym memberships, breast implants, and even her hotel getaway, Aunt Ciara had paid for everything. But even Sarah was still a little confused, especially when she noticed something behind her aunt’s back.

"A-Auntie?" Sarah stammered, her heart pounding in her chest. "What are you doing here?"

Ciara's smile remained unwavering, her eyes filled with warmth and understanding. Before Sarah could make sense of what was happening, she felt a sharp pinch on the side of her neck. A sudden wave of drowsiness washed over her, and she found herself unable to resist closing her eyes. It felt like her insides were burning. “Hush, dear, it’ll be over soon. Let the pain wash over you.”

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