Sunday, May 14, 2023

I can be the better person

As the miserable manager of a popular retail store, Milton had seen his fair share of problematic customers. However, none had been quite as troublesome as Aida. This young college girl had been a constant source of disturbance for almost half a year since she moved in nearby for school. Her complaints were numerous and her attitude was, more often than not, haughty and disruptive to his staff. People ended up quitting because of her.

Aida's unruly behavior had eventually taken a toll on Milton's patience, and despite his better judgement, he found himself searching for unconventional solutions. It was during one of these online searches that he stumbled upon a peculiar website offering a spell designed to teach a misbehaving individual a much-needed lesson. Despite his rational mind dismissing it as utter nonsense, he found himself willing to try anything to bring about a change in Aida. He followed the instructions to a tee, conducting the incantation spell late at night, alone in his apartment surrounded by cloves of garlic.

The immediate aftermath was a nauseating wave of discomfort. It felt as though his stomach was in revolt, his body drenched in a cold sweat. He staggered to the bathroom, gripping the porcelain sink for support, his eyes clamped shut against the spinning room. He struggled against the roiling nausea, fighting to keep down the bile that rose in his throat.

As abruptly as it had begun, the discomfort subsided. Gathering his strength, Milton straightened, cautiously opening his eyes to gaze at his reflection in the mirror. He found himself staring at a completely different face. He was in the body of a familiar woman wearing a very skimpy swimsuit. "It worked," his lips mouthed. "Was she about to go to the beach?" He looked out of the nearby window and saw that it was morning. "Was I out the entire night?"

Suddenly, a voice echoed in his head. "What the hell?"

Milton ignored her voice at first. Her soft hair framed the startled features that stared back at him, wide brown eyes filled with confusion and fear. His heart pounded in his chest, a combination of relief and fear flooding through him while Aida remained locked in his mind. "Oh, shut up. You’re being annoying." He leaned forward and looked at the soft skin along his pulsating neck. He had never looked at her like this before. He always saw her as a complete bitch – he never saw her as attractive until now. "Geez, are these real?"

"How are you doing this?"

Milton sighed. "You’ve been a pain in the ass. Nobody likes you. You realize that, right? Being a bitch creates enemies, and your enemies will always strike back at you. You’re about to deserve everything that’s coming. I hope you realize that this is all your fault." Over the next few hours, Milton would live Aida’s life. She was invited to a mansion party on the other side of town. With the help of an Uber and instructions sent to her from her friends, Milton slipped into the party and had an incredible time. Plenty of people noticed how social she was and gravitated towards her. Nobody knew that Milton was in control. To his surprise, everybody wanted to talk to him, especially since Aida wasn’t in one of her angry frenzies.

Living the life of a rich girl was way easier than Milton’s old life. But once midnight arrived and he returned to her apartment, he was shocked to discover that he was unable to use the same spell to return to his old body. Aida screamed at him while he looked online for a fix, and they were both shocked to learn that a possession lasting past midnight would make the possession permanent. Thankfully, the only person who was going to have a problem with that was Aida.

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