Monday, May 15, 2023

Testing my transformation wig - Part 1

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Joey crossed his legs in the bustling lounge of the upscale hotel the government assigned him to for the month. Smiling sweetly, his eyes discreetly scanned the room from his position in the velvet chair. Leila was sitting beside him with a look of disbelief. Across the lobby, a group of attractive Germans caught his eye, their hushed whispers and stolen glances in his direction confirming his suspicions. They were watching him, their eyes filled with intrigue and curiosity. A ripple of pleasure surged through him at the attention, and he couldn't help but lean back in his chair, biting his lower lip in a show of playful coyness. “You know that it’s really dangerous,” Leila said. “I know exactly what you’re thinking. But it’s better if you keep your distance.”

Joey rolled his eyes and looked at her. “Are you jealous?”

She looked insulted. “No, I’m just saying that you don’t know what the consequences are of having sex in your body.”

“This is the whole point, isn’t it? To test the wig out.” Leila said something else to him, but his eyes drifted back to the athletic Germans across from him. He was not new to attention after spending a week in his transformed body, but this particular form of it was still relatively fresh. People have seen him as beautiful, but he wasn’t used to people who saw him as mate worthy. Of course, ever since he started wearing his brown transformation wig, his life had taken an interesting turn. 

The wig was no ordinary accessory. It was a product of the government's secret projects to help disguise their agents. The transformation wig had the ability to physically alter the wearer's appearance, reshaping his body into that of a woman. And Joey, being an employee of the government, had volunteered to test it out. Leila was there to document any issues in her journal, and she was forced to watch him do dumb and risky moves. Joey transformed into a stunning brunette the moment he put on the wig. His body morphed and adjusted to new curves, his features softened, his muscles toned down to create a feminine silhouette. 

The wig gave him a chance to live a different life, to experience the world through a new lens. Joey found joy in exploring his feminine side, from putting on makeup to slipping into elegant dresses, his days were filled with a sense of adventure and exploration. He obviously tested his lady bits out, and he loved how a female orgasm felt with just his fingers. But having a cock inside of him was a desire he wanted to play around with. Of course, he never admitted his desires to Leila, but the wig obviously had some sort of effect on his sexual orientation.

And as he lounged in the hotel lobby, he had a feeling that it wouldn’t be too hard to convince a guy to sleep with him. He had a lot of potential takers. The whispers from the Germans grew louder, their glances became more frequent, and Joey felt a thrill running down his spine. He decided to indulge in a little fun. With a sultry smile, he rose from his chair, his heels clicking against the marble floor as he sauntered across the room. He looked over his shoulder to look at Leila one final time before he managed to convince the five German men to visit him up in his hotel room for some fun.

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