Friday, May 12, 2023

Not changing my mind

Maggie, a tall and strikingly beautiful girl, had a smirk playing on her lips as she casually tossed the basketball from one hand to another. Her soft blonde ponytail bounced as she moved. She looked at Taylor, who was glaring at her, a deep scowl etched on her former face. It was a glaring contest that had lasted way too long now. Neither girl was giving in. “What is it?” Maggie asked.

“I can’t fucking believe you slept with him,” Taylor hissed.

“Why are you so mad? This is my life now. You agreed to swapping.”

“I didn’t think you were going to be such a fucking slut, Maggie.”

That made Maggie smile. She and Taylor were not always like this. They had been best friends since childhood, always supportive of each other, but things had taken a drastic turn when they decided to use the services of their local body swap clinic. Taylor, who was often overlooked and felt overshadowed by her stunning friend, wanted to experience what it was like to be the popular, pretty girl for once. Maggie, on the other hand, was tired of the endless school drama and craved the simplicity of Taylor's nerdy life.

They had agreed it would be a temporary switch, a mere experiment. But as the weeks rolled by, Taylor found herself enamored with her new life. The attention, the popularity, the constant admiration - it was intoxicating. She decided she wanted to make the switch permanent, and Maggie, surprisingly, agreed. She too had discovered a new appreciation for Taylor's quiet, uncomplicated life.

Maggie signed the paperwork willingly, ready to permanently relinquish her former life. But as time passed, something unexpected happened. Taylor's old body, which Maggie now inhabited, was blossoming. With a newfound confidence and charm, Maggie made Taylor's overlooked existence suddenly appealing. She was becoming popular, drawing attention, and people started to see the beauty in her that was always there, just hidden under layers of insecurity.

Taylor saw this transformation and felt a pang of regret. She saw the popularity that Maggie was gaining, the adoration she was receiving, and realized that it was her life, her body that was receiving all this attention. She was the beautiful one all along. She was just never confident enough to see it. She saw Maggie, smirking at her, at her anger and jealousy, and knew she had made a mistake.

Taylor sighed. “I’m willing to swap back. I’m sick of this.”

"I’m not switching back," Maggie said, breaking the silence that had stretched between them. Her voice was steady, her smirk unwavering. "You gave everything up. You thought you weren’t pretty. You thought you weren’t perfect. But with a little bit of exercise and changing your hair, I’ve become everything you could have been. The difference is our minds. I’m not going to cave into your demands just because you’re finally bored of my body. Being popular’s hard – you have to actually maintain yourself. Now look at you. You’re letting yourself go.”

Taylor could feel the rage building up in her. But after punching her old friend in the nose, she regretted her decision to burn her bridge with her former body. It didn’t take long for Maggie to put a restraining order on her. Taylor was an average girl again, and she was trapped in a life she no longer wanted.

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  1. clever & well written/ I thinkit woulkd hvae been better if taylor's family had been say better off