Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Taking my niece for a ride - Part 5

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“What’s gotten into you?” Henry laughed. “You’re being awfully frisky. I kind of like this side of you.”

Ciara didn’t answer. Her heart fluttered as she locked Henry beneath her powerful legs. She always had a crush on his perfect male body. He looked helplessly weak between their kisses, but she knew he wanted her just as badly. His nails dug into her thighs, and it didn’t take long for her to be completely naked again. She threw aside her dainty underwear and smiled when Sarah’s husband flipped her over. Now, he was towering over her with his lips and nose exploring her firm breasts. “Such a strong man,” she teased. ”Oh…”

Ciara moaned gently and felt the waves of desire flowing through her. The area between her legs felt so wet, and as their eyes locked in a tender gaze, she could feel his hard cock pressing up against the opening of her stolen inner folds. He wrapped his strong hands around her slender waist, pulling her closer and closer until the tip of his cock brushed her canal. She was amazed at how big he was – she frequently fantasized about making love with him, but she could have never imagined how perfect her niece’s husband was.

She watched while he teased her entrance. He pushed his tip in before immediately retreating. The tip of his length was damp with her lust. Ciara felt his warmth managing to get deeper and deeper before pulling away. She gyrated her hips to try to urge him further inside, but his powerful hands holding her down made that nearly impossible. “Put it in,” Ciara said. “Stop teasing me. I want you to fuck me.”

“Don’t you usually like to go slow?” Henry confusedly asked.

“Let’s try something different,” Ciara said while gently squeezing her breasts. “I want you to be rough. Use all of your strength.” Her eyes narrowed. “I want you to break me. My body can take it.” He blinked before Ciara noticed his cock getting harder. She was surprised at how easy it was to control him with her words, but he did as he was told like a loyal husband. He planted a long, deep kiss against her lips before sliding into her, and the slight pain made her tummy arch upwards. She gasped before she closed her eyes and felt the ecstasy filling her up. “Oh fuck…”

“Should I slow down?”

She shook her head. The pain was only temporary, and she wanted more. She could feel him all the way inside of her while their lips met for another passionate kiss. The electricity between them was becoming stronger, and while Henry plunged into Ciara’s stolen body, memories of her own youth flooded her mind. She remembered how men loved her. She remembered how people craved her body. But her genetics caught up to her, and keeping the weight off became impossible. Eventually, she was alone with a beautiful niece who had it all. And now it was all hers. 

Beneath the sheets, Ciara and Henry found solace in each other's presence while they panted and kissed. The heat between them intensified, their bodies intertwining as they continued to explore themselves. The night progressed, the moonlight casting a soft glow over their entwined forms. The longer they made love, the louder she became, and the rougher he became. He tugged her hair from behind while he mounted and slapped her firm bum. She felt her skin turning pink, yet the body thief didn’t care. The only thing on her mind was mating with her new husband.

She couldn’t believe how good she felt. Ciara’s old body never felt this way, especially when she rubbed at her dainty clit. The pleasure was unbelievably strong. And as the world around them seemingly faded away, Henry emptied his seed deep within her new inner folds with an animalistic groan. He put his entire weight against her back, and the two collapsed together. He kissed the side of her neck again before rolling off of her. And as Ciara felt his cum dripping out of her, she had a feeling that the passion in her stolen life wasn’t going to fade away any time soon. She was in the prime of her youth again with the perfect husband and she wasn’t about to lose anything as their fingers intertwined.

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