Saturday, May 13, 2023

Accidental love

Chad and Dave were inseparable as coworkers and best friends since childhood. Deep down, they considered each other to be more like brothers than just friends. They did everything together, from sports to hobbies to lavish vacations on their meager incomes. But on one sunny afternoon, as the two 52-year-olds were lounging in the park after a long day at their construction job, their lives changed forever.

The sun began to glow a bright green while they smoked. The world suddenly went topsy-turvy as sparks of energy moved throughout the world. The Great Shift had begun, an inexplicable phenomenon that caused people to switch bodies with those in their vicinity. 

Dave could feel a sharp pain in his chest as they both dropped their cigarettes. They tried to move as the pain only got worse. Then, in the blink of an eye, Chad found himself in the body of a college girl named Janice (left), while Dave was now in the body of another girl, Rachael (right). Both blondes had been cuddling in a living room they hardly recognized.

“Who are you? Who am I?” Dave said while he broke away from the woman.

Chad, trapped in Janice’s body, stood up and moved around the room with a confused look. “Wait, you don’t know who you are? I was smoking and found myself here. I have no idea who I am.”

At first, they were horrified when they discovered that they were in completely foreign bodies. They stared at each other, barely able to comprehend what had happened. They both relaxed when they realized that they actually knew each other, but the fact that they were smaller and shorter made them somewhat nervous. Their voices were unfamiliar, their bodies felt alien, and their minds raced with panic when they tried to figure out what they were doing before their minds entered these new bodies. 

Neither of them said anything until they turned on a nearby TV to hear about the Great Shift. Multiple people were in different bodies, and scientists were baffled by the sun’s activity. Nobody would discover until later that the swap had been permanent, but the two men were hopeful that things were going to eventually reverse. 

“I can’t believe this shit,” Dave said. “I’m going to explore a bit. I’m going to try figuring out who I am. Err … who she is.” It didn't take them long to discover the identities of the two girls. They both sifted through their purses and realized that Janice and Rachael were more than just friends, though. 

They were girlfriends, and Chad was starting to realize that his body was pulsating with a weird sensation. It started off as faint at first, but the longer he stared into Dave’s gorgeous eyes, the more attracted her became. They found themselves irresistibly drawn to one another in a way that they had never experienced before. The feelings that coursed through their bodies seemed to unlock a hidden part of their own emotions. They decided that if they were going to be hot college girls forever, they should at least have a chance to fully explore themselves.

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  1. Wow, the two friends got lucky with that swap in the GS.