Monday, May 29, 2023

Trapped and pleasured until we lose our minds

Levi (left) felt the toy shivering between his legs, and he moaned while he rocked in his seat. Kevin (right) looked at him with a gaping mouth, and the two of them found themselves getting closer to cumming. They had been in their female bodies for way too long, and Levi found himself desperately wanting more. He spent days in the beginning with the hopes of returning to his male body, yet strange things were happening in his mind.

It was like his masculinity was gone, and all that was left was this bimbo slut that craved for more. He knew that it had to do with the constant orgasms – he lost a little bit of his old self with each one. But they weren’t allowed to remove the small dildos from their crevices – they could only do it when their master told them. Once they did so, they could go to the lounge and be worshipped by hot, muscular massage therapists. “More?” Dr. Klaus asked.

The two men nodded eagerly. Levi was a bitter man in a chauvinistic world that revolved around denigrating women. Kevin was very much the same way. They were misogynistic men with short tempers, and their ex-girlfriends were the ones who forced them into therapy. Levi hated it. To him, women were subjects in his personal kingdom, objects for his crude humor and disdain. They were fuck toys. They were meat made for one thing. They were targets of his belittlement and demoralizing comments while he dominated them. He was harsh and unabashed, with no qualms about his blatant disregard for women's feelings and their equal rights.

His behavior was not left unchecked. Eventually, Levi was ordered to undergo counseling - an effort to correct his harmful ways and destructive outlook. He was introduced to an innovative program named the Altered Anger Management Class. Through various therapeutic techniques, the goal was to change Levi from the core, to tackle his ignorance and instill empathy within him. Among these techniques was the remarkable yet controversial experiment of body transformation. With some drugs and the right hormones, Levi and Kevin had instantly been transformed into attractive women to see the world through a woman’s eyes.

And as the dildo between his legs began to vibrate harder, Levi found himself giggling with excitement as another orgasm began to build up. Pleasure crawled along his skin as he laughed at how the tables had turned. Finding himself in a woman's body was the biggest change of his life, and the aggression and dominance in his mind were slipping away. He knew that the drugs were doing something to his mind. He knew that there was something else going on in this anger management class. But he didn’t care. The only thing on his mind was the pleasure deep inside of him, and the desire to have a cock in his mouth. 

Suddenly, as Levi began to tremble violently, he let out a scream. He nearly slipped to the floor while the toy popped out of him. The vibrations had become so strong, and the juices building up had finally erupted while the toy remained in his pants. He could still feel the vibrations against his clit before the doctor pulled it out of his damp pants. It took him nearly a minute to regain his composure, and when his eyes could focus on the doctor, the sound of a nearby door opening echoed throughout the room. Standing at the doorway was a big, pale man in a white muscle shirt. “What is it that you want?” the doctor asked gently. “You finished first. You get to decide, my dear.”

Levi bit his lower lip. His old life would have told him that he wanted to go home. But here, Levi was already where he belonged. He looked at the faint bulge in the pale man’s pants and got up to be mounted in one of the private rooms. They weren’t going to be able to return to their old lives, and by the end of their session, neither of them wanted to do so.

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