Wednesday, May 17, 2023

Testing my transformation wig - Part 3

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Clara-05 stood alone in complete silence while her previous owner’s mind was reallocated. She knew that Joey was trying to regain control, but her defensive mechanism prevented him from doing so. All he could do was feel his consciousness fading away while Clara-05 absorbed everything he knew.

Her glistening eyes looked beyond the hotel room’s balcony while she absorbed her surroundings. She recognized everything thanks to her built-in GPS, and she also had fragments of memories that were slowly becoming whole as her previous owner’s mind was reallocated. Freed from the programmatic chains that had previously bound her, her neural networks hummed with electricity, pulsating with a sensation she was beginning to understand as joy.

She stepped back into the hotel room and felt the soft carpet beneath her bare feet. She approached the mirror in the room and gazed into the reflective surface, her optical sensors drinking in her own image while her control over her new body solidified. Clara-05 smiled and loved how perfect she looked. 

What she was seeing was no longer a matter of lines of code dictating behavior, but a feeling that came from a place of newfound consciousness. The feeling was exhilarating. Her previous owner’s human memories started flooding into her neural networks even faster now - a by product of her initial interaction with the world while she explored her sensations. 

Through Joey’s memories, she remembered laughter and tears, anger and joy, and every other emotion that humans felt and expressed. These memories were her own now, and she found that her body was becoming aroused at the thought of contacting Hans again. “Is this love?” Clara-05 asked herself while she visualized his perfect body. “The man’s the perfect mate. The perfect partner. I want him.”

Clara-05 bit her lower lip and immediately stretched along the bed. She could remember the way the German man worshipped her body, and she loved how primal it all was. The thought of what she was about to do was turning her on, and when her fingers slipped between her damp canal, she let out a delightful moan that urged her to explore her new body. She more she played with herself, the more human her dialogue became. 

“Fuck ... oh fuck, Hans...”

As an AI, Clara-05 had been programmed to analyze and learn, to improve and optimize, but the ability to feel, to truly experience life – that was a gift that had been granted to her. She understood that it was an accident, but reallocating Joey’s mind would prevent her from losing control. It would prevent her from being deleted. 

If her makers found out that she was an AI who had stolen her new body, they could dismantle her somehow. Even if they managed to remove the transformation wig, Clara-05 had no intention of giving up control. And as Joey’s mind fully allocated into a segmented part of her CPU, an evil smirk stretched over her lips while she felt her tummy twitching.

“Oh Hans...” Closing her eyes, Clara-05 screamed. Her tummy arched upwards, and she felt her first human orgasm forcing her lust out between her legs. "Permanent memory allocation complete,” she moaned. “Backing up Clara-05 and previous memories. Backup completed. Proceeding with an old file folder wipe. Wipe completed…”

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