Sunday, April 23, 2023

Teaching my stepdaughter a lesson - Part 8


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“You’re going to be late,” Mark said.

“Shut up,” Selina giggled while Mark stood in the doorway of the bedroom. He began leaning against the frame as he watched Selina getting ready for work. She sat at her dresser, expertly applying her makeup with the precision of a practiced hand. She never used to wear makeup, but she looked really good with it. It didn’t look tacky or overdone. He couldn't help but stare at her in awe, a bittersweet smile playing at the corners of his lips. 

While she looked physically better than ever, she was also less wild. Selina had been an extreme party animal, always surrounded by friends and laughter, her energy magnetic and irresistible. It wasn’t a surprise when he realized that she was constantly drinking and sleeping with her friends and strangers. It always bothered him, and whenever he would bring it up, she would always lose her temper. Now, Selina had become more controlled. Her calm demeanor these days was a stark contrast to the whirlwind she used to be.

A lot of it must have boiled down to what she did for a living now. Mark's feelings were complicated when it came to Selina's job. She worked as a stripper at the same strip club Destiny used to work at. Unfortunately, his stepdaughter was in a profession he couldn't fully support, but he couldn't hate her for it either. In a way, her job had been a catalyst for the changes he had seen in her. She funneled all her craziness into her job. Selina had become a lot nicer as a person, and their arguments, once a near-constant source of tension, had become much less frequent.

He was grateful that Destiny had spoken with her before she moved overseas to be with an old boyfriend. In a way, he’d fallen in love with her, so seeing her leave left a sour taste in his mouth. But Destiny's words had also left a lasting impact on Selina, helping her see the value in finding balance and stability in her life by being nicer to her stepfather. While Mark wished Destiny had stayed, he was happy that his love had simply moved on to another important person in his life.

Nobody knew about his secret relationship with Selina. But as she finished applying her lipstick and turned to face Mark, he didn’t regret a single thing. Her eyes sparkling with affection while she readjusted her tight top. She stood up and walked towards him, her high heels clicking on the hardwood floor. As she reached him, she planted a light kiss on his lips, her breath warm and sweet against his skin. "I'll see you later tonight," she whispered in a loving voice, her eyes never leaving his. She gave him a wink. “We’ll try a few new things. I promise, daddy. You’re still okay with being part of the videos?”

Mark smiled at her, his heart swelling with a mixture of love and pride. "Yeah, I’m still okay with being part of them," he replied, his voice filled with warmth. “I’ll be waiting.” While Selina had stopped posting sex videos online, she had started a side hustle on her Only Fans account. Her face was never shown, and when she accidently showed him how she was making so much extra money the other day, she asked him if she wanted to help make them with her. Of course, Mark couldn’t say no to her – he was just glad she was just doing this with him. Yet, despite saving herself for him, he couldn’t help but feel jealous whenever she’d walk out the front door to go to her stripper job.

With one last lingering look, Selina turned and walked out the door, her stride confident and poised. Mark watched her go, his heart aching with the knowledge that, despite the changes in their lives and the challenges they faced, their love could change at any moment. As long as Selina saved herself for him, he didn’t care what she did to make money. Despite combing through her phone and checking her internet history, his stepdaughter stayed true to her word, and it was all thanks to Destiny steering her in the right direction.

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