Sunday, April 2, 2023

Helping me keep this young body - Part 3


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“Love you,” a man whispered. “See you later tonight. She won’t be home until the end of this weekend.” The warm kiss against Gloria’s cheek felt wonderful while she stirred in bed. A smile crept over her lips when she saw Stewart moving across the room away from her. 

“See you later tonight,” she managed to say tiredly. She stared until her landlord had left the room. The aching lust from between her legs made her want him to come home sooner. After getting a chance to seduce Stewart, rent was basically free for her, and the enjoyment she got from an older man playing with her body felt even better. He was experienced and married, and Gloria was experienced and single. She knew every trick of the trade, so keeping her landlord wrapped around her finger was easy enough. 

Yawning, the body thief couldn’t believe how lucky she was as she got out of bed. The air felt cool around her nude body while she picked up her underwear from off the floor. Wiping her eyes, she stopped beside her dresser and leaned against it to look at the mirror sitting above it. Even with her hair all over the place, Gloria was as beautiful as ever. Her youthful glow and the dark magic that helped enhance her assets made her new vessel look better as time went on. She turned to the side to admire the curves of her bum and smirked when she saw the light pink marks where Stewart had roughly held her.

She grabbed her brush and tidied her hair up when she spotted something outside her window. She looked outside and laughed when she realized that a moving truck was in front of her old body’s house. It had been weeks since she stopped using magic on Eve, and it had only been a matter of time before the city got involved to relocate her. “It looks like she’s finally being taken to an old folk’s home,” she said while she leaned against the window to watch people carry things into the truck.

Deep down, Gloria was afraid that nobody would help her old body out, so she ended up calling the city for assistance. After all, Eve was trapped in a body with no family, and it wasn’t like she had left a substantial amount of wealth behind for the trapped woman to enjoy. And when she saw Eve being pushed out of the house with a wheelchair, the body thief couldn’t stop smiling. 

Before Gloria’s dark magic had permanently altered Eve’s mind, she loved the fact that she could tease Eve while she remained trapped in her old body. She knew that it bothered the young girl, yet there was nothing she could do to stop it. She enjoyed the lost look in her eyes as she struggled to tell people what had really happened to her. And when the spell finally made Eve completely gain dementia, Gloria knew that she had won. She just wasn’t expecting for the city to act so quickly.

“Such a poor girl,” Gloria whispered. Suddenly, Eve looked over her shoulder before getting placed into a separate transport van, and there was a strange look in her eye when she saw Gloria through the window. It was almost like she heard her. The body thief waved at her and cackled when the old Eve opened her mouth to say something. Unfortunately, nothing could be said at this point. Nobody would ever know that Gloria had stolen her young, sexy body. It was hers now, and she was never going to go back to the body Eve was trapped inside. The young victim could no longer get help, and it wasn’t like Stewart knew who she really was. 

It wouldn’t be long before Eve would pass away – it was inevitable. The young girl would die long before she could find a magical way to return to her body somehow. Even if somebody knew about the horrible things she had done, Gloria had won, and she was going to enjoy every second of her stolen life. “Goodbye, Eve…” The body thief teased one final time before getting dressed for the day.

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