Monday, April 3, 2023

Helping me keep this young body - Part 4


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Today was an extraordinary day for Maribelle’s career as she stood in front of the mirror. The dark magic surged through her while the woman’s voice managed to seep through her lips. Her eyes locked on her reflection while she listened intently. Maribelle worked as a social services worker for the city, and her specialty was dealing with cases involving magic. 

She had been tasked with extracting the soul of an old woman from her dementia-ridden body, and in order to extract information regarding a suspected case of witchcraft, Maribelle had allowed the woman's soul to possess her temporarily. The city had taken her in early to assess her further. She kept her soul bound to her own in order to provide comfort – after all, Maribelle was going to allow the woman to pass on to the afterlife rather than remain trapped and confused. She had thought it would be a kind gesture, offering the woman some respite from her suffering. But things had not gone as planned.

As the old woman's soul began to take control, Maribelle suddenly realized that this was not an ordinary elderly person. The soul belonged to a young woman named Eve, not Gloria Matthews, and the social services worker immediately understood why one of the city’s supervisors called her in for this special case.

Cases of magical abuse were rare, but they were easily identified whenever extensive magic was being done. It seemed like a witch was repeatedly using a spell to ruin another person’s mind, and Eve had been a victim of this. Maribelle gently regained control, pushing back the young woman’s presence with all her mental strength before speaking.

“My god … you poor girl…” Once she had fully reclaimed her body, Maribelle questioned Eve further, and she gave the girl control again in order to hear her answer. She revealed that the old woman had stolen her young and healthy body, leaving her trapped in the withered shell with the use of a magical tiara. The body swapping tiara had been destroyed. Now, Eve was desperate to get her body back, but Maribelle knew she would need her help.

Maribelle stared into her own eyes, her heart swelling with determination. “We’ll fix all of this. I’m sorry this happened to you, Eve. I promise you that things will turn around.” 

She had never faced a challenge like this before, but she was not about to let an innocent young woman suffer at the hands of an evil witch. After all, this was going to be a massive issue if things weren’t rectified. She promised Eve that she would do everything in her power to help her reclaim her stolen body.

But it wasn’t like she had dealt with this before, so Maribelle began to do some research. Over the next few days, Maribelle delved into her vast knowledge of older magic, researching spells and rituals that might help her in the battle against the old witch. 

She studied ancient tomes and consulted with her mentors, piecing together a plan that would, she hoped, restore Eve to her rightful body. She looked through PDF files on her computer and did her best to be thorough. The body swapping tiara was gone, but there had to be other ways of getting Eve back inside of her body.

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