Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Corrupted and fused by accident - Part 3


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Olivia stepped into her girlfriend's bedroom and instantly noticed the air was heavy with the sweet scent of Elizabeth's perfume. The romantic notes of piano music floated through the space, creating a serene and intimate atmosphere. As she looked around, she saw Elizabeth lying on the bed, her eyes twinkling with anticipation. With a subtle curl of her finger, she beckoned Olivia to join her. “Wow, what’s the occasion?”

“Do I need one?” Her girlfriend asked.

Olivia laughed and studied Elizabeth’s face. “Guess not … this is a nice surprise.” She wasn’t sure what it was, but she seemed different. She didn’t know what she had done, but her makeup seemed to have changed her face. “Are those colored contacts?”

“Yup,” she answered. “Now, are you gonna come over here?”

It had been weeks since the couple had last shared an intimate moment together, their busy lives often keeping them apart. This rare evening together was a much-needed respite from the whirlwind of their daily routines. Olivia was taken aback by the effort Elizabeth had put into creating such a sensual and inviting environment. 

Eager to spend some quality time with Elizabeth, Olivia set her purse down and made her way to the bed. The soft lighting cast a warm glow on the room, further enhancing the romantic ambiance. As she lay down beside her girlfriend, she felt a sense of excitement building within her. The anticipation of their long-awaited connection made her heart race and her skin tingle with desire.

The couple began to cuddle, their bodies pressing against one another as they shared tender caresses. The warmth of Elizabeth's skin against Olivia's was a comforting reminder of the love that bound them together. As their hands gently explored each other's bodies, she rediscovered the familiar yet exhilarating contours that had first drawn them together. “What’s gotten into you?” Olivia asked with a giggle.

Elizabeth kissed the side of her neck and got on top of her. Her hands gripped her wrists as she held her down. There was a sparkle in her eyes before their lips met in a series of passionate kisses, each one igniting a fire within their souls. The intensity of their kisses grew, their breathing becoming more labored as their desire for one another reached a fever pitch.

But she felt something against her. Frowning, she looked down and saw the faint outline of something in Elizabeth’s pants. “What is that?”

“Sorry, I wasn’t expecting to have it still when I fused with her body,” Elizabeth said. “Just a temporary setback. Wish I could keep her other bits.”


Elizabeth rested her forehead against her own. “But yours will do nicely.”

Olivia had no idea what Elizabeth was talking about. But when she whispered something in Latin, a strange chill ran up her spine. Her mouth opened up expecting another kiss, but Elizabeth’s tongue ended up going down her throat. The pinned down woman tried to scream as her girlfriend began to liquify before her very eyes. Olivia’s eyes rolled to the back of her head as the world went black.

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  1. It's kinda strange, the way he keeps turning to liquid and jumping into new bodies. Still, it's a powerful horror story.