Thursday, April 6, 2023

Helping me keep this young body - Part 7


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Eve strolled through the park, the sunlight filtering through the leaves and casting beautiful shadows on the ground. The world had so much beauty now that she was back in her shoes. Her heart swelled with gratitude for the second chance at life she had been given, and it was all thanks to Maribelle helping her regain her body. The memories of Stewart and everyone else affected by Gloria's evil magic had been erased thanks to her, allowing them to move on with their lives unburdened by the weight of the past. 

Maribelle had sealed Gloria’s soul inside a magical box for later sentencing. It was decided by the city that the old witch should spend the remainder of her days trapped in her dementia-ridden body. It was a suitable punishment, especially since she herself was the reason why her old body gained dementia. With Gloria locked away in her body, Eve was free to start anew, to relive her life and make the most of her regained youth. She thought back to the fateful day when she had first encountered Maribelle, the woman who had become her guardian angel and now dearest friend.

Eve couldn’t believe how Gloria had almost taken everything away from her. The old witch was flaunting her young body, and when Eve found out that she had been sleeping with her landlord, she felt even worse about all of it. But the witch had used some sort of magic to prevent her from telling people what happened, and when she eventually gained dementia, Eve thought she was going to die long before she could regain her body.

Thankfully, Maribelle had refused to give up on her. Through tireless research and immense determination, Maribelle found a way to launch Eve's soul back into her rightful body, simultaneously forcing Gloria out. Eve remembered the sizzling sensation running throughout her body as she permanently regained her flesh. She could feel the darkness leaving her, and for the first time in ages, she felt the heat of her soft skin and the lack of pain in her feet.

And while Eve walked along the path, she couldn't help but feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude for Maribelle and the incredible gift she had given her. The social worker even let her keep her memories of the entire ordeal, which was apparently something she wasn’t allowed to do. 

Yet knowing what evils happened gave Eve a sense of perspective as she breathed in the fresh air and enjoyed the feeling of her young, strong body. After all, it was a stark contrast to the prison she had been trapped in for far too long. With each new day, Eve embraced the opportunities that her newfound freedom afforded her. She threw herself into activities that she had once loved but had been denied to her during her imprisonment in the old woman's body. 

While the sun dipped below the horizon, Eve returned to her basement suite and undressed. Her smooth skin and fit figure were always a welcoming sight. Being trapped in a withered body made her thankful for the light stretch marks she had. She used to be self-conscious about her body, but after losing everything for what felt like an eternity, she was grateful for every inch of herself. Eve climbed into bed, her body exhausted from a day filled with activity and purpose. She closed her eyes peacefully and was excited to have more days like this to herself.


  1. extremely well written tale! the return of the witch to her former body was a great touch! good change of pace for you to have a happy ending - I like your dark endings as well but thisnwas a charming one - if indeed it is the ending & thhere'snotmore to come.
    which reminds we though I bought your storry about the step mother & the daughter I think a better ending would be that she was kept alive having to watch the former stepmom live her life, while she was either diro or married to him which may be former to amazons guide lines. anyway I buy many of your stories.rse from her dad

    1. Hey, thanks so much for your support! The step mother and stepdaughter one was unfortunately a request - I had wanted a happier ending for that short story. It's actually the case for a lot of my captions too. My Members/Loyalists on Deviantart/Patreon request certain outcomes and story elements, so I inevitably have to cater. It's also why I don't always do sequels to captions unless the original requestor asks.

    2. Thanks for the info, Again & thanks very much for your stories.

  2. I tthought I commeneted Anyway. powerful story, very well written with good discriptions Love the happy ending - at least so far.