Friday, April 7, 2023

A prank gone wrong - Part 1

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Jack and Mehgan had always been fierce rivals at Oakwood High School, constantly battling for the crown of the best prankster. Their pranks grew more elaborate and cruel with each passing year, and the students and teachers were both victims and witnesses to their never-ending war. Mehgan often had the upper hand by the time they both turned eighteen, and she eventually made Jack one of the most hated people at school. 

Mehgan was one of the popular cheerleaders despite her childish antics, so it was easy to convince everybody that he was a massive creep. She uploaded his internet search history and let the world see Jack’s fascination for feet and deep fakes of their hot history teacher, Miss Schmidt. Mehgan would have left it at that, but Jack ended up giving her food poisoning the next day.

So, Mehgan concocted another new prank. She managed to slip laxatives into Jack's drink, certain that this prank would secure her title as the ultimate prankster. As Jack's stomach twisted in pain, he rushed to the bathroom while cursing Mehgan under his breath. She couldn't contain her excitement. She sneaked into the girl's bathroom and eagerly texted her friends, celebrating her victory as she listened to Jack's pained groans from the other side of the wall. “Revenge is so sweet,” she whispered triumphantly. “He wasn’t expecting it at all.”

But what Mehgan didn't know was that Jack had anticipated her every move. He knew that he was going to do this based on her online receipts from her purchases two days ago. He knew she was trying to get back at him. And the night before, he had placed a small machine from his father's company in Mehgan's purse. 

Jack's father worked for the government on top-secret projects, and this particular device was a prototype of a mind-transferring machine. Jack had swiped it from his father's lab, confident that it would give him the edge he needed in his prank war with Mehgan. His dad was a complete asshole, and it was also his own little way of putting his father in his place. He had it with his family, especially when they berated him for being a loser after Mehgan basically ruined his life.

As Jack sat on the toilet, suffering from the effects of Mehgan's cruel prank, he decided it was time to turn the tables on her. With a grim smile, he activated the mind-transferring machine by pressing a button on his circular remote, and within moments, the world started spinning. He dropped the tiny remote into the poop filled waters before he passed out.

Minutes later, Mehgan slowly came to her senses. As she looked around, she realized that she was in the boy's bathroom. She was somehow on the toilet, and her heart skipped a beat as she opened the bathroom stall door. She saw her own reflection in the mirror and let out a horrified shriek. She was in Jack's body, and the pain of the diarrhea was now her own to bear as she hurried back down onto the toilet.


  1. wild & funny! PRANKS CAN CERTAINLY GET OUT OF HAND.! nice touch that he doesn't like his dad. the discriptions are very well done. Not sure where you're headed with this one & can't wait to find out

  2. Oh, that is an awesome start to a series!