Sunday, April 9, 2023

A prank gone wrong - Part 3


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Part 3

Jack never switched back, especially after he began to love his new life. His old life was ruined the moment she turned everybody against him, and now she was forced to deal with the difficulties of being the unpopular kid. The weight of his troubled past had vanished, and he felt a renewed sense of freedom that coursed through his veins after he found out that Mehgan had been kicked out of his asshole father’s home. 

The disgraced cheerleader felt horrible for everything she had done. The body swap was enough to make her never try pranking Jack again, but the permanent punishment forced her to adapt to her new life. She had to move out and actually find a job since she was broke and trapped in his male body. She never had to worry about working to buy anything. 

If she wanted the best phone or the best clothes, she had to get them on her own income. Things would have been way easier for her if Jack’s father let her stay at home, but Jack played a hand in that. He had left the broken prototype in his old bedroom after sneaking into his former home with a spare key, and his father was outraged about it months after he kicked out his “son.”

Mehgan still had no idea how he swapped their bodies, and Jack had no plans on showing her how to reverse this. He could finally enjoy life without the looming shadow of his father and the burden of masculinity that had once held him down. 

Nobody knew about his kinks in his new body, and he loved the fact that Mehgan was being made fun of online constantly by their high school friends. She was the weird one now, not him. She ended up trying to convince people that he had stolen her body, but she was simply given a restraining order to keep her away from him. 

In the midst of his newfound happiness, Mehgan repeatedly tried to get back at him. A restraining order wasn’t enough, so Jack had to move away. Thankfully, Mehgan’s family was rich, so relocating was never a financially taxing issue. Mehgan started spreading vile rumors and attempted to sabotage his social standing by putting up signs and uploading crap to social media, but nobody listened to Jack. Mehgan was stuck with a following of five friends, while Jack had a growing audience of more than a hundred thousand by the end of his first semester. As time passed, the once-feared bully became little more than a distant memory.

One sunny day, Jack rested on some river rocks, basking in the warmth of the sun during his reading break while he continued to enjoy life. The gentle waves lapped at the shore nearby, and he felt at peace in his dress. He thought dealing with his period was going to be annoying, but all the negatives were outweighed by the benefits of being the pretty popular girl. He playfully kicked into the coursing river when his phone abruptly buzzed. 

Glancing at the screen, Jack discovered a text from an unfamiliar number. As he read the words, it became clear that Mehgan had resorted to using a new phone in a desperate attempt to reach him. Jack, however, remained unwavering in his resolve to live a life free of the past. With a simple tap of his finger, Jack blocked Mehgan's number, severing the last thread that connected them. There was a 0% chance that he was giving this body back.


  1. very good revenge story, well written

  2. Good story. I'm glad Jack didn't try to ruin Mehgan's life, instead he just took over and made it better.