Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Helping me keep this young body - Part 5


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Days went by, and progress had finally been made. She rubbed her eyes tiredly and let Eve take control of her body to look over the texts. “I don’t understand what any of this means,” Eve said glumly. “What do they even mean?”

Maribelle regained control. “Those are incantations,” she explained. “Basically, it’s an astral projection spell. I realized that we’ve always had this at our fingertips, but I didn’t think about using it on another person inside of me.” As she looked over the yellowed pages over the past few days, she discovered that the simple spell was perfect for projecting Eve’s soul back into her body. The hardest part was going to be redirecting Gloria’s soul into an object to put it on trial for later.

Thankfully, there was a separate incantation spell that she could use that was similar to a basic astral projection spell she had learned years back. As explained in one of the textbooks, this specific ancient spell described a method for launching a person's soul from afar and directing it towards its intended target, and all the social worker had to do was direct it into a magically secure object. “Here’s the thing, though. You need to memorize these specific incantations with me. We’re going to chant these outside of your old house where your body is and attack her together. Do you understand?”

Eve, who had been watching Maribelle's progress with a mixture of hope and trepidation, couldn't help but worry about the risks involved. Sure, Maribelle had explained everything, but it felt like things were moving too quickly. What if the spell didn't work? What if something went wrong, and she was trapped between bodies, or worse?

But whenever she lost control and let Maribelle do her thing, she could feel that her eyes were filled with determination. This helped Eve realize that everything would be okay. The spell they were attempting was an incantation spell, a branch of the dark arts in which Maribelle was well-versed. Though the task ahead of them was daunting, Maribelle was confident in her abilities and certain that they would succeed. “She knows more than I do,” Eve thought helplessly. “She’s my only chance. My only way of getting back.”

The social worker went through the tomes and textbooks one more time to make sure she had exhausted all other options. Eve inevitably memorized two lines, and apparently that was all she needed. Maribelle repeated everything that they were going to do, and as the clock ticked away, the two women could see the sun beginning to set. Eventually, with their plan mostly in place, Maribelle gathered her magical tools and prepared herself for the confrontation with Gloria. She knew that this battle would be unlike any she had faced before, but she refused to let fear stand in her way. For the sake of Eve and all the other innocents who had been harmed by Gloria's treachery, Maribelle was ready to fight.

As she stepped into the night, Maribelle's thoughts were a blend of determination and concern, knowing that the outcome of the upcoming confrontation would determine the fates of both Eve and Gloria. 

All Eve had to do was help her perform the spell.


  1. I hope everything goes well. Would be nice to see the evil witch get screwed and stuck in a terrible body herself.

  2. wow! what a great story & pics. What an evil woman. I can't wait to read more. very well done. For a change I hope youlet the 'good guys' win.