Thursday, April 13, 2023

Corrupted and fused by accident - Part 4


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Olivia awoke, suspended in darkness while white ghostly circles rotated around her. She was weightless, her body engulfed by an inky black void that felt cold all around her. As her eyes struggled to adjust, she became aware of a faint glow emanating from around her wrists and ankles. Translucent tendrils of light, delicate yet powerful, were reaching out to her, holding her aloft.

As her fear grew, Olivia noticed a strange warmth seeping into her. It was a sensation she had never experienced before, like the comforting embrace of an old friend. The warmth permeated her being, soothing her anxiety and allowing her to relax. With her heart pounding, she closed her eyes, and suddenly, her mind was flooded with images.

She saw herself standing in front of a mirror, studying her reflection, and then walking through the rooms of a familiar house. But while she observed these memories, she knew instinctively that they were not her own. They belonged to someone else. The realization hit her like a wave: she was peering into the past, into the memories of her girlfriend Elizabeth.

Olivia saw the moments of happiness and laughter the two had shared. They had been inseparable, their bond growing stronger with each passing day while they dated in secret together. In one memory, they hugged each other tightly on a bed, their smiles radiant with genuine love and affection. 

A strange warmth bloomed within Olivia's chest, and she stopped struggling against the tendrils. The beauty of the memory enveloped her, and for a brief moment, she was content. She could feel Elizabeth’s warm kisses against her breasts and the teasing of her fingers between her legs.

But the memory faded all too quickly when she let out a satisfied moan, and Olivia was confronted with another scene. This time, Elizabeth was staring at a person lying unconscious on the ground. The image sent a chill down Olivia's spine. She knew she had to escape, to free herself from the tendrils' grasp before it was too late.

Desperate, she strained against the glowing tendrils, her body tense and her breath coming in shallow gasps. More of her girlfriend’s memories flooded her mind, and now she could barely breathe. The warmth that had soothed her earlier was now making it difficult to breathe.

But the tendrils held firm, their grip unyielding, as if they were trying to keep her prisoner within the void. Olivia's fear surged, fueled by the memory of Elizabeth and the unconscious figure. She writhed and twisted, attempting to break free from her ethereal captors. But as the darkness pressed in on her, she felt her strength waning and her hope of escape slipping away.

In a final, desperate act, Olivia gathered all of her remaining energy and pulled against the tendrils with all her might. But as she did so, the world around her began to crumble. The darkness intensified, swallowing everything in its path, and the tendrils tightened their hold. Olivia felt the last of her strength ebbing away, her vision dimming as Aiden completely merged with her body. The last thing she could see was her eyes looking into a mirror and seeing her girlfriend’s body beginning to morph.

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