Friday, April 14, 2023

Corrupted and fused by accident - Part 5

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Part 5

The transformation was painful and felt even worse. He thought the spell was going to backfire, but as Olivia’s features seeped into his own, he felt a shrinking sensation between his legs. He moaned and twitched while his stepsister’s voice fused with Olivia’s. Sweat covered his entire body while he started to convulse, and when his nipples began to harden, he realized that the hormones of two young women were sending his mind into all the wrong places. “Concentrate...”

He grimaced and let out a painful scream. His eyes jerked open, and suddenly the world was silent. Steam was rising all around him, and when he stood up and felt his skin pulsating, he realized that everything felt different. Aiden stood in front of the mirror and admired his reflection from every possible angle. He triumphantly pressed his firm breasts together and playfully swayed his hips from side to side while he forced a smile. Olivia’s mismatched blue and green eyes stared back at him, and her gorgeous smile sent ripples of heat through him. His stepsister’s love for her was seeping through his emotions, and the tranquility he felt with his new body made this all worth it. His mind was actually clear now – his desire to keep absorbing people was put to rest the moment his body stopped shifting. 

It was almost like the combination of Olivia and Elizabeth’s bodies had zeroed out the negative emotions being directed at him. He remembered how desperate he was to be with Olivia, and he remembered the thirst he felt to permanently become a part of her. Now, the person staring back at him was a far cry from the man he used to be, and he wasn’t even mad that he was probably stuck this way. “I’m technically her now,” he purred with his sweet voice. His skin was softer, his curves accentuated in all the right places compared to when he fused with his stepsister. And the pulsating sensation between his cockless legs made his smile widen, especially when he finally stripped down and curiously rubbed the dainty nub and slit. 

“That feels kind of good,” he said excitedly. “It’s time to give this thing a test run.” He should have felt horrible about everything he had done. After all, none of this was going to be reversible, at least not with his current spell book. Deep down, he knew that it had all been worth it. His enhanced magical prowess would allow him to continue practicing more advanced forms of magic, and having his crush’s gorgeous face was going to make things a lot more fun.

With a newfound sense of confidence, Aiden locked the door behind him. As he turned on the faucet and began to fill the bathtub with hot water, he continued to admire his reflection. He turned to the side, taking in the gentle swell of his hips and the graceful curve of his waist. A delighted laugh escaped his lips as he danced around the room, reveling in the joy of his newfound femininity. He paused to admire his eyes, now framed by long, dark lashes that only served to enhance their natural beauty. 

Finally, the tub was full, and Aiden stepped in, feeling the hot water envelop his body while steam rose all around him. He sank down into the welcoming warmth, allowing the water to caress his new curves and contours. A sense of peace washed over him as he closed his eyes, his body completely relaxed and at ease before he slipped his fingers into his new vagina.  

“Oh fuck!” He let out a surprised moan and felt the waters swirling around him. His entire body jerked at the slightest touch. With each passing moment, Aiden felt more and more at ease in his new body. The water seemed to wash away any lingering doubts and fears, leaving him feeling cleansed and renewed as he fantasized about how fun it was going to be to use magic and his looks to seduce men and ruin marriages. Life was going to get really interesting for the new ‘Aida,’ especially when she realized that she had her stepsister’s horny mind and Olivia’s desire to be wanted. She had inadvertently become a new person with their combined minds, and she was more than happy to accept the new her as long as she stayed in control.

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