Sunday, April 16, 2023

Teaching my stepdaughter a lesson - Part 1

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Destiny sighed as she slumped against the cool tiled walls of the nightclub's bathroom. The noise of pulsating music and the chatter of the patrons were muted within the confines of her sanctuary. She glanced at the clock and realized she still had a few minutes left on her break.

Her mind wandered to Mark, her best and most consistent client. He had just left, and the sudden emptiness of his absence made her feel lonelier than ever. She was a middle-aged woman, and despite the ebb and flow of clients in the club, none seemed to stick around like Mark did. Mark always shared his life with Destiny, venting about his problems and seeking solace in her company after his wife passed away. His stepdaughter, Selina, was going through a rebellious phase, and Destiny couldn't help but feel a pang of sympathy for the man. 

Mark had given her everything, and she felt horrible for the turmoil he was going through. Selena constantly wanted more expensive clothing and jewelry. He paid for her gym membership and phone too. Mark thought her craving for material things was the worst thing about his stepdaughter, but after he started finding videos of her online by accident, he realized that she was constantly sleeping around too.

Deep down, Destiny felt a twinge of jealousy, especially when she realized that he was getting turned on when he talked after his stepdaughter’s intimate videos. “He’s attracted to her,” she thought. Curiosity gnawing at her, Destiny unlocked her phone and searched for Selina's Instagram. And as she scrolled through the young girl's posts, she realized why he felt this way. 

Selina seemed to have everything – a lavish lifestyle, a seemingly endless stream of friends, and the world at her feet thanks to her beauty. The stripper couldn’t believe how perfect the girl’s body was. She was a fit 22-year-old blonde woman with a toned body, perky breasts, and an unbelievably nice ass. She looked great in every swimsuit photo, and the stripper realized that she was getting wet just thinking about what she could do if she could be Selina.

A naughty smile crept over her lips the moment that moved through her head. As a body hopper, she had a lot of experience with starting over. After possessing the bodies of so many different women over the past century, Destiny had become a master of sex and manipulation. “I’m about ten years too early,” she said while looking at a nearby mirror with a disappointed look. She started off beautifully with her stolen life as Margaret White, and the constant smoking and alcohol had accelerated her aging. “It’s a shame this body aged so quickly.”

As she stared at the screen, a naughty giggle made her realize that it was time to make the next hop. She couldn't help herself. The trickiest part would be convincing Mark about her powers and gaining his blessing to do the deed. Making the possession permanent required one extra element, and the stripper had a feeling that it wouldn’t be too hard to pull off with Selina’s body.  “With her tight ass and perfect tits, seducing people’s going to be a breeze. I could make a lot more money on the side.” Destiny happily opened her messaging app and started to text Mark, coaxing him to return to the club. "Hey Mark, why don't you come back for a second? I have a great idea on how we can help your stepdaughter.” 

The anticipation bubbled in her chest, and as she heard the familiar chime of a response, Destiny knew she had Mark's attention. She took one last glance at her reflection in the bathroom mirror, fixing her hair and refreshing her makeup. Her heart raced with excitement as she stepped out of the bathroom, ready to welcome Mark to take him to a quieter location. “I wasn’t expecting to do this so soon…” she whispered.

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