Saturday, April 22, 2023

Teaching my stepdaughter a lesson - Part 7

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Destiny was still covered in sweat while she triumphantly stirred beneath the sheets. Her slender arms were wrapped around Mark’s wide chest as he slept soundly beside her. His breaths came in soft snores, a gentle rhythm that lulled her into a state of relaxed contentment. She snuggled her face against his muscular shoulder, the warmth of his body providing a comforting embrace to her young body. The fact that he came inside of her meant that this body was hers forever, though that much was clear when she stopped hearing Selina’s yelling.

Obviously, Destiny had lied to Mark when she told him that she couldn’t see a thing. Selina could see everything. The body thief could sense that the young slut was enjoying it just as much as her. The young girl repeatedly tried to regain control, especially between her wonderful orgasms. Destiny didn’t realize that she could do that, especially since none of her previous vessels put up that much of a fight. Thankfully, her own sluttiness and desire for pleasure made her lose everything. Of course, Destiny couldn’t blame her for feeling this way. The overwhelming ecstasy that made her toes curl would have made anyone crave for more. And when the stepfather’s cock finally erupted, Destiny could feel the potion’s magic permanently sealing her soul in Selina’s perfect body. The college girl let out a final shocked gasp before finally becoming absorbed within the body thief’s mind forever.

Now, the only thing in the room was Destiny and her lovely new stepfather. Smiling, Destiny found herself captivated by the peaceful expression that adorned his handsome features. This man could be hers forever now. There was something about the sight of him in repose that made her heart ache with a longing to stay. Unfortunately, Destiny knew that none of it mattered. She couldn't afford to linger with Mark knowing about her secret. With a tender kiss pressed to Mark's forehead, she carefully disentangled herself from his arms and slipped from the bed, her feet making no sound as they touched the floor. She tiptoed out of the room and made her way back to the living room.

On the coffee table, she found a key to her car outside. She went into the cold darkness and felt her nipples hardening. She opened her car and found the small vial kit she had left there earlier, its contents hidden from prying eyes in the back seat while she took over her new body. She returned to the living room, opened the kit, and carefully filled a tiny bottle with the stepfather’s seed dripping out of her. Next, she moved to the sink and added a few drops of water to the mixture. With a steady hand, she pricked her finger, allowing a single droplet of blood to fall into the liquid before spitting into the concoction. The moment her blood mingled with the mixture, it transformed into a vivid shade of pink that glowed dimly.

A smirk played across Destiny's lips as she plucked a strand of her own blonde hair and added it to the potion. It was a potion that would erase or alter the memories of a lover or loved one, and she knew that Mark cared deeply about her and Selina. With purposeful strides, she returned to the bedroom, her eyes locked on Mark's slumbering form. Reaching down, she gently plucked a hair from his head, doing her best not to disturb his rest. As she added Mark's hair to the potion, she couldn't help but feel a little sad. She wasn’t sure if she was going to continue a relationship with him, especially since he was technically her real stepfather now. A sexual relationship like this was taboo. The thought filled her with a heady mixture of fear and excitement, and she found herself trembling slightly as she looked at him. His eyes fluttered open to reveal a look of sleepy confusion. "What's that?" he murmured. His voice was thick with sleep as he noticed the bottle in her hand. Destiny simply pressed a finger to her lips, silencing his questions with a tender kiss.

"Trust me," she whispered, her voice barely audible as she placed the bottle to his lips. Mark hesitated for a moment, his eyes searching hers for reassurance before he finally gave in, swallowing the potion in a single gulp and coughing. He was about to say something to her after she kissed his forehead. Destiny could only watch as Mark's eyes fluttered closed once more, his breathing deepening as he succumbed to a slumber more profound than before. She rested her forehead against his own and began to alter his mind.

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