Saturday, April 1, 2023

Helping me keep this young body - Part 2


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Eve was washing her dishes, her wrinkled and frail hands moving slowly and methodically, trying to distract herself from the gnawing feeling inside. But as she stood by the kitchen sink, her gaze wandered to the window, where she could see the world passing her by. 

There, she spotted Gloria strolling down the sidewalk in her gorgeous white dress. The body thief smirked at Eve, knowing the truth that no one else did. Eve felt her blood boil, her fists clenching as her heart pounded in her chest when she saw the other woman enjoy her young body.

Eve was once young and vibrant, full of life and laughter, until Gloria used a magical tiara to swap bodies. The body thief had been envious of Eve's beauty and vivacious spirit. And now, Eve was trapped in a body that didn't belong to her, unable to tell her story or seek justice. Despite her overwhelming frustration, Eve had tried countless times to tell others about her plight. But each time she attempted to speak the truth, her voice would falter, her words stuttering and falling flat. It was as if the dark magic that held her captive also silenced her, preventing her from revealing the terrible secret that bound her.

Determined to break free from this curse, Eve constantly sought ways to leave messages behind, hoping that someone might uncover the truth and help her regain her stolen youth. She scribbled notes, painted hidden symbols, and whispered her story into the wind, praying that one day, someone would listen. 

She constantly thought that she had found a way to leave a message, but whenever she would go back to the message’s medium, it would always be some sort of gibberish. It was almost like anything she wrote or recorded would become distorted.

She watched as Gloria lived her life without consequence, who was seemingly smirking at her misfortune and reveling in her own wickedness when she watched her from the window. And today, Eve felt an overwhelming sense of despair. She knew in her heart that her chance to reclaim her life was slipping away, and the weight of that realization was nearly unbearable. With a heavy sigh, she turned back to the sink, rinsing her hands of the soapy water before shutting off the faucet.

While she dried her hands on the faded dishtowel, she couldn't help but trace the lines of her wrinkled palms, wondering if she would ever feel the smooth skin of youth again. But deep down, she knew that the day she longed for would never come. She was trapped, a prisoner in a body that was not her own, and there seemed to be no escape from this cruel fate. 

With a weary sigh, Eve shuffled into the living room, sinking into her favorite armchair as she clicked on the television. The screen flickered to life, the chatter of the talk show hosts filling the room, but she barely registered the words. Her mind was a storm of sadness and anger, trapped in a whirlwind of memories of the life she once had, and the life that had been stolen from her.

And so, Eve sat there, her tired eyes staring blankly at the television screen, unable to shake the feeling that she was a stranger in her own body. Unfortunately, her old body didn’t have that long, especially when she found herself slowly starting to forget who she really was. “I need to talk to her. I need to … I need … to…”

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