Monday, April 10, 2023

Corrupted and fused by accident - Part 1


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Olivia was going to be home later tonight, and Aiden couldn’t let his stepsister’s girlfriend see him like this. He needed to figure all of this out before Elizabeth’s girlfriend could catch him. Dark magic as bad as this was illegal, and he couldn’t risk his crush ruining all of his plans. He was spending the weekend at his stepsister’s house to use a spell to brainwash and manipulate Olivia. The only downside was that he needed to absorb another witch’s energy to use the spell, and his stepsister was the perfect person to steal from. But now, as Aiden crouched in the corner of the dimly lit room, his heart pounded with fear and confusion when he listened to Elizabeth's voice in his head.

If she knew that he had wanted this to happen to make him stronger, she might have been noisier. The problem now was that his stepsister would inevitably find out about his wicked plans. He thought he could 100% avoid that, especially since magic casting was just a nonchalant thing between them.

Their magical curiosity started when they found an ancient spell book in their dead grandmother’s study nearly two years ago. Since then, the two stepsiblings would use magic every now and then for fun. This weekend was no different, and Aiden had been excited about two particular spells he had found. While they flipped through the dusty tome over the past hour, he showed her a spell that promised to allow them to explore the world around them through astral projection. Elizabeth was interested in the exploration aspect, while Aiden was more interested in temporarily absorbing her to empower his mind control spell against Olivia.

When Aiden and Elizabeth chanted the words, their souls left their bodies, soaring through the air and traversing the realm of the spirit. As their souls ventured further and further from their physical forms, the energy generated by their combined presence began to destabilize the fabric of time and space.

Instead of reuniting with their individual bodies, their souls collided and merged, the dark magic of the spell fusing their essences together. This was exactly what Aiden wanted, especially since he was going to be the dominant soul. But he wasn’t expecting their souls to enter Elizabeth’s body first. He was afraid that she was going to be the one in control. The two souls struggled to stand up and walk. Before Aiden could concentrate his energy to use the energy absorption spell in his repertoire, Elizabeth tried a dispelling incantation to reverse the dark magic.

Their souls shot out of her body and slipped into Aiden’s body. But when they stood up together, Elizabeth realized that her stepbrother had full control. He wasn’t struggling at all. She was stuck as a passenger in his body while they helplessly looked at her unconscious body on the ground. Desperate to reverse the spell and regain their individuality, Elizabeth frantically told him to search through the spell book. But Aiden had no intention of splitting them apart. He loved how his stepsister’s energy felt inside his own body. He loved how responsive his magical aura was. He wanted more power. So, while Elizabeth’s mind paid attention to spells that would hopefully separate them, he looked for spells that would silence her. 

While the minutes went by, he finally flipped back to a page regarding spiritual possession. It wasn’t the same situation, but it involved silencing a host body’s voice if the right incantation is used at the right time. The only downside was that it required him to be in his stepsister’s body in order to silence her voice. Smiling mischievously, Aiden turned to Elizabeth’s body and approached her. 

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  1. A bit convoluted but still fun. I can't wait to see where this all ends up.