Friday, April 21, 2023

Teaching my stepdaughter a lesson - Part 6


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Selina couldn’t believe how good it all felt. The area between her legs was drenched, and the wonderful kisses her stepfather gave her made it really hard to concentrate. Every orgasm the body thief experienced allowed Selina to regain control somewhat, but the pleasure made her want more. “I can’t let him finish inside of me,” Selina thought while her possessed body twitched. 

But just before she could gather her willpower to push her stepfather’s cock out of her, the body thief wrapped her legs around his lower back. The weight of her stepfather sinking down against her damp body trapped her, and when she felt his cock’s warmth exploding between her legs, a spark of pleasure shot through her body as her eyes rolled to the back of her head.

Suddenly, she found herself in a completely different place. Selina found herself naked and standing in the middle of a room. It was just an endless expanse of white that seemingly hummed all around her. Everything was bathed in a soft, diffuse light that seemed to come from nowhere and everywhere at once. She looked down at her bare feet and noticed that even the floor seemed to lack any substance or texture. It was as if she were floating on a cloud. Confusion swirled within her, and yet, she couldn't deny the strange sense of peace that washed over her like a gentle breeze.

The peaceful sensation intensified with every step she took. She felt as if she were drifting in a dream, all her worries and fears melting away into the boundless white void. It was a bliss she had never known before, and for a fleeting moment, she wondered if she could stay there forever. But when she remembered how her body was about to be stolen from her forever, the serenity of the white room began to dissolve, replaced by a mounting sense of anxiety.

Suddenly, black shadowy hands reached out from the white void. They seemed to emerge from the very walls and floor of the room, materializing from nothingness like specters. Selina's heart pounded in her chest as she tried to evade the grasping tendrils, her sense of peace shattered by the encroaching darkness.

The hands were soon accompanied by the whispers of unseen figures. Ethereal voices called out to Selina, their tones enticing yet unfamiliar, speaking languages she couldn't understand. It was a cacophony of sound that seemed to come from every direction at once, disorienting her and making it impossible to tell which way she had come from.

As the dark figures chased her, Selina's confusion transformed into fear. She ran, her breath coming in ragged gasps, her vision blurred by tears. They looked like the same exact shadow that forced itself down her throat. The white room, once a haven of peace, had become a nightmarish void filled with the unknown, and she had no idea where to go.

Despite the disorienting whispers and the hands, Selina spotted a faint, glimmering pink light in the distance. She sprinted towards the light with all the strength she had left, the darkness closing in around her, threatening to consume her whole. Just as she was about to reach the light, one of the black hands shot out and grabbed her ankle. She fell to the ground with a cry, her fingers stretching out towards the light as she was dragged back into the abyss. The shadows swirled around her, their cold tendrils wrapping around her body like a shroud. 

"No!" Selina screamed, her voice breaking with desperation. She struggled against the grip of the shadows, but they were relentless, pulling her deeper into the darkness. They closed in, blotting out the last remnants of the light, and Selina knew she was trapped. The feeling of peace she had experienced when she first entered the white room was now a distant memory, replaced by a terror that threatened to consume her as her body became stretched apart in black, shadowy tendrils. Her toned, slender body melted away before her very eyes. She let out one final moan before the body thief stole her young body forever. 

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