Saturday, April 8, 2023

A prank gone wrong - Part 2


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Meanwhile, Jack woke up in the girl's bathroom, feeling a strange mix of relief and disorientation. His beautiful eyes stared into his reflection, and he realized that he was in her hot body. He quickly realized that his plan had worked - Mehgan’s body was his own, and he could do whatever he wanted. He felt a wave of triumph wash over him, knowing that he had successfully turned Mehgan's prank against her. “That dumb bitch is probably having the time of her life in my body.”

He suddenly went quiet when he heard a familiar moaning sound. He could hear his body suffering through the vent. He rested his hands against the bathroom counter and was about to yell out when one of the stalls opened up. A short and skinny girl stepped beside her to wash her hands. Jack went quiet and started blushing when he realized that he had spoken out loud. “What?” The girl asked.

“N-Nothing,” he answered as she walked away. He couldn’t believe how nervous he was. Normally, he could contain his emotions, but it was almost like Mehgan’s body was naturally nervous and on edge. When he knew he was alone, he shook his head. “Damn, so she’s anxious. I wonder what else she’s hiding?”

The possibilities were endless now that he had a female body. He opened up Mehgan’s cell phone and unlocked it with her fingerprint. He was starting to swipe through multiple screens until he started seeing DMs from guys from other schools. He realized that she had a massive following of thirsty simps, and the thought of taking advantage of her beauty and following made him realize that he could make a few adjustments and make a few extra bucks along the way.

With a wicked grin, Jack stepped out of the girl's bathroom and made his way to the boy's bathroom, where Mehgan remained trapped in his body. As he opened the door, he heard Mehgan's anguished cries, and he couldn't help but laugh at her failed prank. “I bet you’re going to be in here for a while, Mehgan. Take your time!”

“Hold on,” Mehgan yelled while she farted. “How did you do this? What are you going to do?”

He giggled and spun around. “You’re never going to know, because I’m going to hide the very thing that helped me pull this off. This is the ultimate payback. I’m going to learn every little thing about you, and once I find all your naughty secrets, everybody’s going to know. Or maybe I’ll keep quiet and just keep your body. How does that sound?” He took out her phone and waved it around. “I saw that Connor really likes you. Maybe I’ll be able to do something to make you look bad. Or worse! Maybe I’ll make a quick buck off him doing you know what.”

The bathroom stall opened, and there was a horrified look on his old body’s eyes. “I’m sorry for what I did,” she said. “I didn’t think you’d go this far.”

“Maybe you should’ve thought of that before you decided to ruin my life,” he teased. “See you later, JACK!”


  1. funny & wild. very well written. Two ego driven teens going after each other. what next I wonder? Will they fall in love with each other?LOL! doubt it but I can't wait for more.

  2. Great scene! The fact that she's stuck on the toilet while he waltzes off in her body is perfect. I hope he plays the long game with this swap instead of making a bunch of dumb choices and ruining his new life as Mehgan.