Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Teaching my stepdaughter a lesson - Part 4


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Every bit of Selina’s life flashed before the body thief’s very eyes. Destiny could see the day her stepfather bought her new implants, the time her mother passed away, and the excitement she felt during the countless times when her stepfather would buy her something new. The stripper could even see moments where Selina would check her stepfather out from behind. And now, as Destiny stood in front of the full-length mirror, her eyes became wide with excitement and desire. She couldn't help but smile at her reflection, a mixture of wonder and satisfaction playing across her youthful face. She loved hopping to a new body, but this was probably the best body she managed to steal for herself. 

Destiny’s potion had worked, and now she was in a body that was going to truly be hers forever soon. It had been so long since she had left behind a useless vessel to inhabit one that was young, beautiful, and filled with vitality. It was a decision she hadn't taken lightly since it required so many steps, but the allure of yet another chance at youth had proven too strong to resist. Mark had been one of the few men she was able to seduce into helping her, and now she was about to use him again for the next step of her plan. “What is this?” Selina’s voice echoed in her mind. “What did you do to me? Why can’t I move?”

“Hush, let me enjoy my new body in silence.” As she gazed at her reflection, Destiny marveled at the silky blonde hair that cascaded over her shoulders and the toned, fit body she now possessed. She felt a renewed sense of energy in her tight, athletic body. Her excitement grew as she began to imagine all the possibilities that lay ahead, but the young woman’s voice was ruining things for her when she playfully hopped up and down to watch her bouncing breasts.

“Get out of my body!”

“I don’t think so,” the body thief laughed. “But I guess I don’t blame you. Since I can see your memories, you can probably see mine. You should realize that I don’t plan on leaving. Especially not when you’ve been such a brat to your stepdad. You’ve got a life to die for, and I’m willing to bet that your stepfather has some suppressed feelings for you.” The middle-aged stripper reached up and gently squeezed her perfect breasts. “I saw you checking him out. Such a naughty girl – I guess you have daddy fantasies, huh? Guess what I’m going to do next.”

There was a brief silence before the young girl realized what the next step in the body thief’s plan was going to be. “You can’t do this,” Selina said. “This is seriously messed up. You don’t even know me. You’re just going to take my body from me by having sex with some stranger? That’s not teaching me a lesson. That’s just punishing me.”

“Doesn’t have to be a stranger,” the body thief said while she playfully spanked her bum. “It just has to be another man cumming and sealing me inside you. Look – you’re somewhat attracted to your dad. I’m VERY attracted to your dad. He’s the perfect person for this, wouldn’t you agree?”

She thought of the myriad outfits she could now wear with confidence, no longer needing to conceal the imperfections of her former body. The thought of striding into a room, all eyes drawn to her lithe figure, sent shivers of anticipation down her spine. Destiny knew that with her newfound appearance, she could command attention and admiration with an ease she had never before experienced with her previous bodies. With her mind racing with excitement and her body buzzing with energy, Destiny decided that it was time to truly immerse herself in her new body. Mark wouldn’t be home in a while, so she made her way towards the bathroom. The thought of a long, hot bath was irresistible, and she eagerly anticipated the sensation of the warm water enveloping her new body.

While she filled the tub with steaming water and listened to Selina’s thoughts, Destiny caught sight of her reflection in the bathroom mirror. A smile spread across her face as she beheld the stunning, youthful woman she had become. Destiny stepped into the bath, lowering herself into the inviting warmth of the water while she played with her young, receptive figure. Her finger circled her dainty clit, and she immediately began to moan while she explored what her new body could do. Just as she started to have her first orgasm, she heard the door creak open.

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