Monday, April 24, 2023

Sending my mind through time

Richard felt miserable, especially since his tent was so close to a school. He had always dreamed of becoming a teacher, so the constant sight of what he could have been was always hurtful. Sadly, this was the best spot for getting spare change. The thought of what he could have been inevitably led him down a path of anger and regret, especially since his parents and teachers had told him to wait to see if he changed his mind. If he hadn’t waited, he wouldn’t have fallen down the path he was going down now. 

They had pressured him into going to med school, but it wasn't what he wanted. He struggled to keep up with the work, and the stress and anxiety became too much for him to handle. Eventually, Richard found himself homeless, addicted to hard drugs, and feeling like there was no hope left for him. He had hit rock bottom, and he didn't know how to climb back up. His parents refused to help him, and his so-called friends shunned him. He struggled through years of homelessness until one fateful day arrived. He thought he was going to die when his chest started hurting. People walked by him and ignored his requests for help. He thought he was about to pass out, and that was when he met Katherine, a social worker who offered him a chance to change his life forever. Katherine worked for a company called Time Changers, where they could send people's minds back into the past. Richard was skeptical at first, but Katherine explained that he could send his mind back to a time before he became addicted to drugs.

Desperate for a way out, Richard agreed to the plan. Katherine placed his mind into a machine, and he felt himself being pulled backwards in time. When he opened his eyes, though, he was young again … in a completely different body. He was horrified to learn that his mind had been placed in the body of a girl he didn’t recognize. He let out a surprised scream, but when he saw how curvy and perfect he looked, a mischievous smile stretched over his luscious lips. He was feeling all sorts of different sensations, and one of them was coming between his long legs.

The lack of drug withdrawal was amazing, and when he undressed to play with himself, there was a sense of freedom and excitement shooting through him. He couldn’t believe his luck when he started to play with himself in his new bed. But when a knock from the door and a stern voice made him jolt in fear, he realized that he was in a very bad predicament.

“Who the hell are you, and why are you in my house? Get the fuck off my wife’s bed.” The voice grumbled from a burly older man who the homeless man didn’t recognize. Richard’s mind had been placed in the hot young body of a hooker two steps away from homelessness. The prostitute, Talia, had been intimate with the burly man’s son, and she was trying to steal the wife’s jewelry before Richard decided to play with himself. He had escaped one life for another difficult one, but as he licked his moist fingers, he decided that this was a much better life to struggle through.

Sadly, things didn’t really go his way. Sure, he would inevitably learn more and more about his new life. It was significantly better than his old life, especially when he managed to have sex with them. His female body felt like it was on autopilot whenever he’d pleasure a client. Talia lived luxuriously and cycled through a group of sugar daddies who would take care of her for the week, so he got to experience expensive champagne and endless food. Unfortunately, upon discovering that he was pregnant, none of the good ones would keep fucking him. The only guy willing to stick around for Richard was an underemployed Walmart cashier named Philip who lived paycheck to paycheck. It would’ve been great if Richard was knocked up by one of Talia’s rich lawyers or businessmen clients, but upon painfully giving birth to his first son, he was saddened to learn that the baby was Philip’s.

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