Friday, September 30, 2022

A lucky malfunction

Sarah placed her hands on her hips and stared at the way her dress hugged her body. She loved how perfectly it fit as she stared at herself from the sides. Her old body had been chubbier and shorter. She was much taller now. Her breasts felt nice and firm, and the fabric highlighted the curves of her bum. Everything about her body felt perfect as she ran her fingers through Madison’s soft brown hair. Her lips curled into a smile when she heard the defeat in Madison's voice. Days of constant screaming had left the poor girl tired. She constantly fought for control, but Sarah was stronger. "Can we go now?"

"I don't think so," Sarah said. "Your dad's credit card basically has no limit. And I have a lot of clothes I'd love to try on my new body."

Everything about her stolen life felt so wonderful. After her mind became forever trapped on the body swap clinic's server, Sarah's parents apparently sued the doctors for an undisclosed amount. They never tried to retrieve her soul or mind either. Instead, for nearly five years, they lived in luxury after the loss of their daughter. Sarah only learned about it after the clinic messed up again. This time, rather than trap Madison inside of their system, they let her share Madison's body. She was another girl who decided to temporarily swap bodies with her boyfriend to see what it was like to be a guy. Nobody expected Sarah to be floating around in limbo, and nobody had any idea that she was now inhabiting Madison.

After gaining control over Madison's body, Sarah didn't waste any time in exploring her new life. Madison had insanely rich parents, and for the first time in years, Sarah had a chance to really indulge. "You know, your mind would've been stuck in the server with me if I wasn't in there already," Sarah cooed while she ran her fingers along her legs. "In a lot of ways, I helped you out. It sucks that you're stuck as a passenger, but it's better for you than me." She gave the air a quick smooch and grinned into the mirror. "The best part about all of this? They'll never know you're in here with me. Not even that boy toy of yours." The sound of something vibrating from her purse echoed beside her. "Oh! Look at that. Triston's calling me." She brought the phone up to her ear while she grinned into the mirror. "Hi, babe - yup, this is Madison..."

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  1. Awesome…love the taunting after the swap!