Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Ugly no more

Angelina was a scrawny, flat-chested girl who was always too shy to show off her body. But after months of practicing with her magic tutor, she could use magic to change her appearance. It was such a scary thought at first, especially since it was a long incantation. But she decided to use it to make herself into her ideal woman. She visualized a curvy, beautiful woman with flowing blonde hair and a pretty smile. 

She whispered the incantation and immediately felt a gust of wind blowing through her bedroom. Her clothes began to feel tighter and her chest started to swell. She looked down and saw that her body was changing and stretching. She was becoming the woman she had always wanted to be, but the sensations made her want to scream. She had curves in all the right places as a burning pain surged through her body. Her clothes were now fitting her snugly by the time the pain ended, and she realized that she was a foot taller than before.

She immediately went to the bathroom mirror and gasped at what she was looking at. Her soft fingers ran along her silky blonde hair before gently squeezing her new breasts. "I'm actually what I wanted to be," she said with a seemingly sexier voice. A naughty smile curled over her lips. She suddenly had the urge to put on something revealing and go out to the bar, so she went through her closet for her most revealing clothes. Most of her old clothes could barely fit her - she'd gotten lucky with the clothes she was wearing now. Angelina eventually found a tube top and some short shorts before stepping into some comfortable flip flops.

"Let's see if this actually works," she said as she left her home. She wanted to see how many men would hit on her now that she was finally beautiful. She had to hurry, though. She only had an hour before the spell would wear off. "With this body, I have a funny feeling that's not going to be too hard..."

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