Friday, September 23, 2022

I'd do anything for you - Part 2

Sitting in a fancy restaurant for the first time in ages felt so wonderful to Laura. It felt like an eternity before Clarice had said those magic words nearly two hours ago, but once she’d uttered, “I’d do anything,” the girl sealed her fate. The dying woman immediately felt the warmth of acceptance radiating from the young woman’s body. It was the same signal that her witch friend had told her about. Once she could feel it, constant contact would result in two souls switching bodies.

And when Laura felt the pain of her old body completely vanishing, she couldn’t help but let out an excited laugh. She looked down at her young body and swayed her hips. She felt a huge burst of energy. The aches in her joints were gone, and she could actually see. Laura couldn’t help but smile as Clarice tried to sit up in her bed. “Don’t move too quickly, ‘Laura,’ you might pop a joint.”

“B-But … w-what? I don’t … I sound … why does everything hurt?” The poor woman asked.

“You’re in my body now,” Laura answered. “After you agreed to do anything for me, the magic took root and swapped our bodies. Body swapping only works when there’s a willingness to help. Once you felt charitable, it opened up your soul long enough for me to go inside. I’m honestly glad that you came when you did. I was worried that I wouldn’t have a willing vessel in time. Good people like you are harder to come by these days.”

“Does that … mean I’m stuck as you now? L-Laura, wait, this isn’t … w-what I meant.”

Laura reached out and took her husband’s hand. She eagerly pulled him away. “Sorry, honey, but there’s no way I’m going back in that body. Not after being locked away for nearly half a year. Now that I can finally see and feel things, Roger and I are going to go out and have dinner. It was our anniversary a week ago, after all. It’s about time we celebrated, right?” Her husband smiled and hurried after her while Clarice called after her. “Goodbye, Laura! I’ll be back later!” Laura teased. Just thinking about it made the body thief smile at her husband in her new body.

Her second life was going to be wonderful.

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