Saturday, October 1, 2022

A twisted birthday present

“Transfer initiated,” a robotic voice echoed. “Pods are ready.” The Swap Brothel was a place where couples could switch bodies with attractive men and women. And as Krystal stepped into the standing pod and looked back at Jared getting into the opposite pod, she realized that she might treat her boyfriend again in a few days. “We need to do this again,” she laughed while the pod closed over her. They were still drenched in their sweat, but they knew they had to go back to their old bodies since they were paying by the minute. She couldn’t hear his response, but she could see him nodding with a smile on his face.

She got them both reserved tickets to the Swap Brothel to celebrate Jared's birthday. It was also their second month dating, so she was excited to treat him, especially since he specifically asked for this as a gift. She decided that every dollar was worth it as she closed her eyes. Every orgasm in her temporary body made her tremble harder than she normally did, and she definitely wanted to use Jasmine’s body again. She loved how she wasn't a stick of a woman. With Jasmine’s hot body, she felt worshiped and loved by her boyfriend.

As her mind became sucked into the machine, Krystal realized that something was going horribly wrong. The pod opened up, and her body moved on its own. Her eyes looked down, and she was definitely back in her skinny body, but something was controlling her arms. “Wow, this body’s so young. It’s crazy how horny I feel. Is this how all women feel?”

Her boyfriend smiled at her and lightly kissed her forehead. Krystal screamed helplessly. “I told you it’d be way different, babe,” Jared said. “It took way too long to get her to try the swap brothel out. I just hope she rests well.” To Krystal’s horror, she learned that Jared’s transgender girlfriend had stolen her body. It had been their plan all along, and the sketchy Swap Brothel was in on it.

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