Sunday, September 18, 2022

The girl across the hall


"That’s all you need to make it permanent?" Alexander asked.

"It sounds so simple, doesn’t it?" Zoey said. "I’ll let you do anything to me if you help me keep it." Her voice became a suggestive whisper. "Anything." Alexander stared with a lost look in his eye, but when Zoey spread her young legs apart, she watched with glee as the girl’s roommate got down onto his hands and knees. "And then I’ll let you do more than just eat me out. But that’s all I need first. Once I orgasm in this body, my soul will permanently fuse with hers. And I’ll remain the dominant one in control."

Zoey moaned while the roommate’s tongue explored her new body. "God, yes," she moaned. "That feels so fucking good!" She couldn’t help but feel a sense of triumph when she looked back at what was going on. Zoey was an elderly witch living across from Alexander and his cute roommate, Jessica. The two weren’t anything special together, but there was always a sense of sexual tension radiating from Alexander.

So, when Zoey started falling behind on rent payments because her pension was too meager, she decided to transfer her soul into Jessica’s young body. The young woman wasn’t exactly rich, but she had a body healthy enough to work and make an income. Once inside her young body, Zoey had a funny feeling that she could easily get the male roommate to help her make the possession permanent. The only way to make her possession permanent was through making love. 

With Jessica’s fit body, Alexander was more than easy to seduce. And as her memories flooded her mind, she could feel her soul taking over Jessica's as the orgasmic pressure inside her started to make her body shiver violently.

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