Wednesday, September 21, 2022

I want to be her - Part 2

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The world darkened, and Argyle found himself falling through a black void. His cries echoed all around him while a surge of pain forced his body to curl into a ball. “Victor!” He cried when he felt his skin stretched and split. Argyle’s body felt like it was on fire as he twisted and turned. The sound of boiling water flooded his ears while his deep cries became higher pitched. Suddenly, the darkness faded away when a crack shot through the blackness, and he found himself in his bed covered in a layer of sweat.

“You’re finally awake,” Victor said as he rushed to the side of the bed. He kissed the side of his cheek. “It’s okay, you’re okay. I brought you home. I was scared that you weren’t going to wake up from the procedure.” Argyle was panting while he sat up. His white blanket fell to his side, and when he looked down, he let out a surprised gasp.

His chest had perfectly rounded breasts with dark, hardening nipples. His waist looked wider, and when he completely pulled the blanket off of him, he could see long, soft legs. His entire body was different, and as he ran his fingers along his skin, a wicked smile stretched across his lips. “I’m actually her,” he said while running his hands through his long, brown hair. He breathed in deeply. “Did you put perfume on me while I was asleep?” He couldn’t believe that his body had transformed into a copy of the girl in the picture.

Her boyfriend shook his head and rested his hand on his leg. “Nope, but I’m amazed how close you resemble her.” A foreign wave of pleasure shot through him, and he caught himself biting his lower lip. He looked down at the area between his legs and saw that his dick was gone. In its place were moist folds and a clit that throbbed with a sensual sensation that worsened when Victor stroked his leg. “Do you want to test it out?” Victor asked in his deep, smooth voice. Argyle turned over and pushed his boyfriend onto his back and planted a long, deep kiss against his lips. Tonight was going to be an incredible night of exploration for Argyle.

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