Tuesday, September 6, 2022

Becoming his niece forever

Jon couldn’t believe how perfect his new body was. He was young, pain free, and free. Danica had been on her way to the store when the possession took hold. Now, he walked down the road without any assistance for the first time in ages. After getting dressed in Danica’s red dress, he sauntered around town and took the time to visit all the clothing stores he could. He’d always been curious about being the opposite sex, and for once in his entire life, he could live without being judged. 

After convincing his niece to wear the cursed pendant he bought from a door-to-door witch salesman, Jon used the accompanying spell book to latch his soul onto the wearer’s body. Danica’s soul would become consumed to make the possession permanent, but Jon was more than willing to sacrifice his attractive niece if it meant having a second chance at life.

And when Jon began to squeeze his new breasts in one of the changing rooms, he felt a rush of excitement and triumph. “Everything worked out in the end,” he said as waves of pleasure jolted through him. 

His sultry eyes looked into themselves while he stared at the changing room mirror. He accidentally let out a moan when he decided to test out the area between his legs, but when nobody came to knock at the door, he simply continued.

Suddenly, the phone in his purse began to vibrate. He hesitantly picked it up and immediately noticed that it was Roy, Danica’s boyfriend. A naughty smile crept over his lips as he began to call him. “Time to test out my new body.”

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