Monday, September 19, 2022

Helping my girlfriend

Stanley was a scientist who had been working on his potion for weeks. He was determined to adjust his coworker's body transformation formula to make his girlfriend, Sheila, more beautiful. He already knew that the transformation potion would work, but in order to target certain parts of Sheila's appearance, he needed to adjust the ingredients properly. She was an average girl who had self-esteem issues, and while Stanley was happy with how she looked, she was constantly talking about how she wanted to get plastic surgery. His big fear was seeing her become obsessed with surgery, almost to the point where she'd become irreversibly ruined. So, he made a potion that would help ease her personal defects. She hated her flat chest and overly narrow nose. She hated how chubby her tummy and legs were. But most of all, she hated how her smile looked.

It took ages, but he finally found the right combination of ingredients and mixed them together. He couldn't wait to see the look on Sheila's face when she saw her new, transformed body. He met Sheila later that day and handed her the potion. She hesitated for a moment, but then downed it. Almost immediately, her body began to change. Her tummy shrank while the rest of her body fat dissolved into nothingness. Her breasts grew larger and her skin became smoother. 

Her hair became a dark, luxurious brown. She was absolutely stunning. Sheila was amazed at the transformation. She couldn't believe how different she looked. She felt more confident and beautiful than ever before. Stanley was happy that he could make her so happy. They spent the rest of the day celebrating her new look by going out to enjoy themselves. Unfortunately, Sheila ended up getting hit on by a guy cuter and funnier than Stanley, and he was sad to find his girlfriend leaving the bar with another man.

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