Sunday, September 25, 2022

I want to be her - Part 3

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Argyle sat alone at his favorite coffee shop staring down at his purse. The morning after pill’s box put a smirk on his face. His entire body was sore after spending an entire weekend with Victor and exploring his new female body. It was a pleasant soreness that made Argyle wonder if he should even take the pills. “We’ve always wanted kids,” he whispered. He felt indecisive, especially since their weekend of lust had felt so perfect. Suddenly, at the corner of his eye, he could see his boyfriend approaching when a weird tingle rushed down Argyle’s back. They made love without a break, and by the end of it, his boyfriend had filled him so much that he was afraid that he’d been knocked up by now.

He immediately remembered the way his boyfriend caressed his female body. His hot kisses and the way he fondled his damp inner folds made the sheer sight of Victor drive him wild. Argyle fidgeted in his chair and adjusted his hat as heat steadily moved up crotch and chest. When Victor sat down with a quiet grunt, Argyle had to cross his smooth legs. The smell of his musky cologne filled the air, and Argyle found himself leaning forward to take a sniff. “You took a while,” Argyle said sweetly while Victor smiled. “Why’re you so late?

“I was looking into more of that old lady’s magic stuff,” he said excitedly. “We could make a lot more changes.” He pulled out a brochure seemingly from out of nowhere. “Just a few things we can try. What do you say?”

Argyle’s chest tingled, but it was a painful feeling. “You’re not happy with what I have?” He asked. Suddenly, his eyes widened. The painful feeling felt like fear when he saw Victor’s unphased gaze. He’d been against using magic to alter his sex, and he never actually cared about his appearance. “Victor … why? Why are you saying this?” Just before he could get his answer, the world began to glow a familiar bright red.

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