Monday, September 5, 2022

My professor's body

Darlene wasn’t very happy with how things were turning out in her college math class. She had been studying hard, but Mrs. Nay was the worst teacher she’d ever had. She looked young compared to other teachers, but the only good thing about her was her appearance. 

Mrs. Nay was an unbelievably beautiful Mexican, and Darlene found herself becoming jealous as the semester went on. But her infatuation became bitter when the older woman pointed out every single flaw in every single assignment, project, and presentation. Mrs. Nay humiliated Darlene whenever she could.

Josh, her boyfriend, suggested using his grandmother’s magical heirlooms to enact revenge. With two magical necklaces, Darlene could possess the body of any person she wanted as long as the other person was wearing the necklace. She anonymously gave Mrs. Nay the necklace at the end of the semester as a student-teacher gift. 

Darlene extensively planned on using the opportunity to ruin Mrs. Nay’s career as a teacher. It took about three days, but her teacher eventually tried the necklace on, and Darlene found herself in Mrs. Nay’s bedroom.

She looked down at herself in front of a mirror and couldn’t believe what she was staring at as she took her necklace off. A soft pink gown hugged her curved body, and when she undid her sash, Darlene felt a rush of heat crawling throughout her body. 

“I can’t wait to test her out with Josh,” she said with her teacher’s voice. She smiled devilishly into the mirror. She let the gown fall to her bare feet and explored herself. “Or maybe I’ll just keep her body…”

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  1. Love your captions. Could you do one where a naughty but not so pretty sister , steals her hot but innocent sisters body .