Friday, September 16, 2022

Magically feminized

Everything about his new body felt incredible while the nameless man kissed the side of Kale’s neck. He moaned while they moved across the room. Looking back, Kale didn’t think he’d get this far with a complete stranger. For years, he’d struggled to land a date. Most men weren’t interested in a feminine guy. After struggling to find a partner, he decided to transition. But he didn’t go down the traditional path. Rather than go through physical surgery, he opted for a less traditional approach.

He went to a sex therapist who was rumored to know magic. When Kale met Richard, he didn’t expect much, but the more they talked, the scarier things became. Kale could hear whispers and dark voices echoing in his mind the longer he spoke to Richard. But the fear didn’t force him away – he kept pushing onward until he finally asked Richard if he could use magic to turn him into a woman.

And for a meagre $5,000, Richard placed a curse on Kale. It took nearly a week for the magic to take its hold over his physical body, but every inch of his body began to change. His chest grew larger, and his nipples became wider and more pronounced. His hips widened, and his skin became noticeably smoother. His brown hair grew longer and softer too. The longer he stayed at home, the more his body changed, until finally his male genitals transformed into quivering, feminine lips.

He spent the next few days trying on all sorts of clothes and makeup. Everything looked perfect on his new body. And as the stranger began to undress him at the center of his bed, his lust began to overtake him as he became eager to sexually test his new body.

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