Monday, September 26, 2022

Rewarding my best friend

Just watching his best friend admire himself in his new body made Brendan smile. Six months had passed since he saw his friend’s darkest days. Things were so difficult at the time for “Samuel,” and now everything seemed like the distant past. Life was completely different for the better now. “Samuel” was never confident in his own skin. Ever since they were kids, “Samuel” would come over in his sister’s dress with hair clips in his hair. He never expressed an interest in transitioning, and he always identified as a male. Brendan never judged him for it, but he definitely got bullied throughout high school.

But after taking advanced hormone therapy, “Samuel” progressively changed his body. He was still pretty depressed, and the process was painful to watch. In the first week, nothing seemed to change, and “Samuel” visibly started to lose hope. Brendan was going to call the doctors to call things off, but after his second and third week, his friend’s chest steadily grew breasts, and his bone structure was changing. By the end of the month, his behavior had completely changed, and his male genitals had completely transformed into a functioning vagina.

“Could you call me Sammy from now on?” Brendan’s friend asked while she looked over her shoulder. She caught Brendan’s eyes darting away, but her giggle made him look back at her. “It’s okay, I don’t mind you staring at me.” The new Sammy brought her fingers over her shapely bum and laughed. “I really don’t blame you. I can’t believe how different I feel now.”

“Are you happier?”

“I think this is the happiest I’ve ever been,” Sammy said while she turned to look at him. “Hey, I was thinking. You’ve been by my side since the very beginning. Did you … want to help me explore things?” Brendan wasn’t sure how he felt about this, but as Sammy stepped forward with her suggestive smile, he realized that this was a blessing for him in disguise. The sheer sight of Sammy’s sexy figure made him close the door behind him to get a taste of what was in store for him.

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