Thursday, September 15, 2022

An evil scientist

Once Shana tried to possess Brad’s new girlfriend with her stolen mind controlling tiara, she quickly began formulating a plan to ruin her life. Victoria was an unbelievably bitchy girl, and Shana hated her guts. The fact that Brad was dating her now made her thirstier for revenge. Shana was at her software engineer father’s work when she swiped a mind control prototype from one of the back rooms. She planned on putting it right back after getting her revenge, but she wouldn’t do so until she was successful.

After what felt like hours of sitting in her living room, Shana found herself looking through Victoria’s eyes without any control. She tried to move, but Victoria was doing things on her own. She sipped from her cup of coffee and watched television while Shana tried to control her ex-boyfriend’s girlfriend. “Why can’t I do anything?” She thought while he took the mind control tiara off her body. She found herself back in her own body, but something was wrong. Her body stood up on its own. Her body walked up to the nearest mirror and observed itself from the side.

“Wow, so you’re the one who stole my tiara. I was worried it was one of the other boys – thank god it was a pretty girl like yourself. I much prefer being in another female body.” Her body leaned forward and smirked evilly while her fingers played with her soft hair. “It feels so nice to be a young girl again. I don’t think I was ever as attractive as you at the same age. But I guess every girl’s young and pretty when you’re a 62-year-old woman. Thank you for giving the prototype a test run. We needed a willing body to serve as a vessel for future experiments.”

To Shana’s horror, her body was being controlled by one of the scientists, who made it clear that Shana would probably be her next body for life.

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