Saturday, September 17, 2022

Stealing her boyfriend's body

Brendan felt incredible in the escort’s body while he squirmed in the bed. Waves of pleasure made his toes curl while he let the sensations overtake him. After agreeing to have a threesome for Jade’s birthday, he and his girlfriend picked out an online escort named Nadiya. Jade seemed extremely eager about this, but Brendan was personally a little into this. He was more excited about this, especially since the sex was getting a little stale between the two of them. 

A night with Nadiya had been incredible. It’d been months since Brendan heard Jade moan the way she did, and by the time they were all done, they cuddled together and fell asleep. But by the time Brendan opened his eyes, he found himself alone in bed. He got up and looked down, and to his shock, he was in Nadiya’s busty body. He reached down and groped himself out of curiosity before prodding his dainty nub between his legs. He explored his female body until a sudden fear hit him. “Wow, that feels … really good. Jade, are you here?”

He looked around the hotel room and realized that their bags were gone. All he could find was a note on the dining room table that read, “Sorry, enjoy yourself while the transformation potion’s still active. Thanks for the trust fund!” 

Brendan was confused, so he made his way to the bathroom only to collapse over the sink. A fizzing pain surged through him, and when he looked into Nadiya’s pretty face, he let out a horrified scream. His body shifted and morphed. His feminine voice became deep as his breasts shrank and his waist cracked. His perfect skin became dry and hairy, and his golden hair fell to his feet. His body had transformed into a bald, overweight man. Brendan didn’t realize it, but Jade and Nadiya had been working on gaining his trust for nearly half a year. They wanted his body so Nadiya, or whoever Brendan was now, could restart his life.

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  1. Despite the less pleasant cause, being Nadiya for good, I will soon pick up the thread of my "new life" and give it a new meaning and content. In fact, I am not only curious about what that future will look like, I even long to shape this myself as a real woman .... . - Tom -