Tuesday, September 13, 2022

My pregnant husband

When Arthur agreed to take part in a Pain Transfer Program to feel the pain of Bessy's labor, he wasn't expecting to swap bodies with her a few days before her due date. All it took was an injection in both of their arms, and their minds immediately swapped. He struggled to get around with the baby bump on his belly, but when he finally got a chance to see Bessy relaxing in the living room, he was alright with the transfer. His wife wouldn't have agreed to bearing any children if it meant pain, so he signed an agreement over a year ago saying that he would be fine with this anyway. He'd be swapped back days after giving birth, and Bessy could be back in her tired body to rest and relax.

But when he started feeling the contractions, Arthur immediately regretted it. He thought he could soldier through the pain. Giving birth was the most painful thing he could have imagined, though. He immediately understood why his wife didn't want it. He felt like his insides were being split open while he screamed. Thankfully, Bessy was in the room with him to encourage him to keep pushing.

After what felt like hours, Arthur finally delivered the baby. He was exhausted, but he couldn't help but feel a wave of pride when he saw his child for the first time. It was all worth it in the end, and when he felt his first born child in his arms, he began to cry. He wasn't sure if it was because his wife was normally emotional or if the moment felt so perfect, but Arthur wouldn't have minded doing this a second time around.

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  1. Unlike Arthur, it seems delightful to me to take over from Bessy not only the birth of our child, but even the entire pregnancy - and if at all possible, even the entire first year after the birth of our child, if only but to breastfeed, nurture and change our child ourselves (yes, that's part of it too!). We may even decide to leave the situation as it is, because as strenuous as giving birth to our child may be, it won't stop me from even bringing into the world, nurturing and loving our next two children. to educate .... . - Tom -