Thursday, March 3, 2022

My Grandmother's Necklace

When Greta’s granddaughter wore her magical necklace, their souls slowly intertwined. It took months of constant wear, but when Greta finally had the opportunity to take Cassie’s young and beautiful body during a family vacation, the dead grandmother didn’t hesitate to fight for control.

Cassie had no idea what to expect. Her body twitched and struggled against the foreign ghost that was attempting to control her every movement.

Thankfully, Greta had much more experience with possession magic. Once she had her granddaughter’s beautiful curves, she suppressed the young girl’s mind and slowly gained full control.

But Greta only had a day before her magic reversed itself. The only way to make the possession permanent was to have another man cum inside of her. Since Cassie conveniently had a boyfriend, a trip to the beach for some fun was going to be more than enough to get what Greta wanted.

The worst thing about it was that Cassie could see everything. She screamed and pleaded for her grandmother to stop, but Greta wasn’t about to throw away her second chance at living. She urged her new boyfriend to make love to her stolen body, and once he successfully inseminated her, the young girl’s body became hers forever as Cassie’s silenced screams echoed in vain.

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