Friday, March 18, 2022

Used For Her

After Drake felt his friend’s cock sliding between his legs, he wasn’t expecting the waves of pleasure to really overwhelm him. But when the two of them made sweet love, it was like the world didn’t matter.

After losing a hockey game bet, Josh had given him a body transformation vial that could transform him into a woman. Drake took it since he was a man of his word, but he didn’t realize how horny he’d feel with his new female body.

Before he knew it, Josh’s flirty words and warm hands finally drove him over the edge. He lost himself in his feminine lust until his friend abruptly came inside of him. He could feel the warmth gushing within his damp slit. But when Josh started laughing, Drake felt a surge of pain that made him lose complete control.

“The potion transformed every inch of him,” his female voice laughed. “You did wonderfully. It’s great to be alive again.”

He kissed his lips. “You know I’d do anything for you, Florence.”

Drake’s heart dropped as his transformed body made all of the decisions. Florence was Josh’s transgender friend who went missing nearly a year ago. To his horror, he found out that Florence had used a soul trapping spell with a body transformation potion. By drinking the potion, Drake permanently transformed his body into a female vessel.

Florence was in full control of his transformed body, and she wasn’t going to give him a chance to regain ownership.

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