Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Showing Off My Slut Roommate


Once Olivia possessed Rick’s new girlfriend with the old woman’s spell book, she wasted zero time. Using Noelle’s cell phone, she browsed through her Instagram to send pussy photos to every single one of Rick’s friends. Her best friend and roommate had become such an asshole over the past year since he began dating Noelle. It hurt so much, especially since Olivia always had a crush on him. “You’re not my type. But we can always be friends.” His words echoed in her mind five years later. When his girlfriend moved in with them, things worsened. She was your typical pretty girl with an unrealistically fit body and breasts too firm to be real. Her overwhelming confidence made life miserable. She could never compete with that, but ruining her reputation was the next best thing.

But just before Olivia could send off the photos of her cleavage, she felt a warm hand on her left foot. “Sorry for making you wait so long,” his voice said. Looking over her shoulder, she could see Rick squeezing her. At first, Olivia wanted to kick him, but when she felt his hardness as he crawled along her body, she began having second thoughts. The weight of his body made her rub Noelle’s crotch against the bed, sending waves of pleasure that made her toes curl. This had been a fantasy of hers for years, and it was actually happening.

“Looks like Olivia’s not home. We have the entire house to ourselves.” It felt so wrong, but the more he squeezed her borrowed flesh, the hornier she became. Once he began to pull her underwear down her slender legs, Olivia decided that having a little bit of fun with Rick couldn’t hurt.

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