Sunday, March 27, 2022

My Successor


Edna couldn’t believe how perfect her new body was. She stretched along the sandy shoreline and felt the perfect curves of Betty’s body. The old woman had been watching her granddaughter flaunt her body like a whore. Betty was never conservative when it came to how she carried herself. As heiress to their family’s wealth, her only grandchild was going to ruin everything she’d worked for. Edna complained constantly, but because of her past four strokes, nobody took her seriously.

Thankfully, with the money that she had, Edna could buy anything. By buying a magical pearl necklace, she gained the ability to swap bodies with anybody she wanted. The effect was only temporary as long as one of the wearers kept wearing the pearl necklace for the full hour.

And when Edna began to squeeze her new breasts and the clit that came with it, she knew that the money was well spent. Waves of pleasure jolted through her as she moaned quietly on the beach. There were people in the distance watching, but Edna didn’t care. She could understand why her horny granddaughter constantly oozed with sexuality. So, when Edna returned to her ocean side home, she found Betty sprawled along the floor crying. She smiled at her granddaughter when the young woman realized what had happened. “Nana, I d ... d-don’t understand. How’d t... how ... this happen? How do ... we ... do ... we reverse this?”

Crouching down, Edna pulled the necklace away from her old body’s neck. Betty watched in confusion and horror as her grandmother groped her breasts through her bathing suit. “I don’t plan on reversing this,” the old woman said ominously while she cupped her breasts. “This is just way too much fun. I haven’t felt like this in decades.”

“They’ll find ... out. I’ll t-tell them. I swear ... I ... will ... ehh ... I will ... I’ll tell them.”

Just before she stepped out of the room, Edna looked back at her granddaughter. “Nobody will believe a crazy old woman like you.” Betty watched in horror as her grandmother sauntered away.

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