Monday, March 14, 2022

The Spa's Body Rent Program

After Carol sent the first photo to her boyfriend, Henry, she excitedly began sending more than just her back side. He was in the massage parlor lobby, waiting for her to come out. Vanessa’s slender, shapely body had a lot more going for her, and Carol planned on exploring every inch of her with Henry.

She was a transgender woman who wanted to see what it was like to feel like a biological female. When the Simulation Brothel at their downtown massage parlor offered a chance for clients to try out willing female employees, Carol and Henry jumped at the opportunity. Once the machine transferred her mind into Vanessa’s sexy body, she could literally feel everything. It all felt so real.

And when Carol had a chance to step out into the lobby with nothing but a towel wrapped around her natural breasts, she couldn’t help but gush with excitement when she saw her boyfriend’s shocked face.

She guided him to their rented room, and she had a chance to feel his warm hand against her throbbing nub. The sensitivity scared her at first, but when his lips began to explore the curves of her slender neck and shoulders, she knew she’d be coming back for another appointment with Vanessa’s body.

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