Tuesday, March 22, 2022

My Pretty Office Administrator

"Is it you?” Daniel, her assistant, asked.

Isabelle looked at him and smirked. She slowly walked closer and closer to him in her black lingerie and planted a kiss against his lips. “You did wonderfully,” she whispered as he wrapped his hands around her waist.

After convincing the office administrator, Velma, to drink Isabelle’s special potion, the body possession was an instant success. She found herself in the younger woman’s body just before she could have sex with Daniel.

He’d helped help trick Velma into drinking the potion in exchange for a promotion and special perks. He was eager to advance at their marketing firm, and Isabelle was just about to retire on a bad pension when she stumbled upon a witch’s recipe book. 

She felt cheated at life. She dedicated so many hours only to run into constant money problems. By the time she reached her sixties, work was becoming too physically difficult to endure.

But, she had the opportunity for a second chance at life. By drinking the same potion, the two women immediately swapped bodies, and the only way to make it permanent was through sex. Velma was probably going to complain once she woke up in Isabelle’s drunk old body, but she didn’t care. Nobody would believe the words of a crazy old woman. Isabelle eagerly led him through the bedroom before sitting at the edge of the bed.

“The transfer isn’t permanent until after we make love,” she assured him. “Once we finish, I’ll sign your employee review and have you promoted to one of the VP positions.” She wasn’t sure if she even had that authority, but Daniel was even more motivated now.

He grasped her slender hips and sprawled her along his girlfriend’s bed. Trapping her beneath his muscular arms, he planted kisses against her stolen body. She moaned when she could feel his big cock brushing against her crotch before finally slipping in.

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