Tuesday, March 15, 2022

An Old Employee


“And what’s your plan? You’re going to burn everything I’ve worked for?” Helen asked from within her trapped mind.

That made Travis smirk as he prepared to light his cigar. “That’s a great idea, boss, but no. I’m not going to throw away your entire life. You’re still young, successful, and pretty damn rich. Why would I throw all that away? I was homeless because of you - why would I go back to that?”

Helen had fired the 50-year-old Travis for smoking, drinking, and harassing coworkers in the office. He’d been a complete weirdo, so she had to do something. But she wasn’t expecting him to use dark magic to possess her body.

But that’s when a horrible thought came to her. “Then what are you going to do?”

He puffed the cigar and rested his sore, bare feet on the desk. He leaned back in his chair and smirked when his other hand slipped into her trousers. Waves of pleasure emanated from Helen’s core as her toes curled. His hand was against her crevice. “Isn’t this when your assistant comes to review the financials? The man you’ve been fucking on company time?”

Before she could say anything, there was a knock at the door. Edward stepped through the door and seemed shocked at first. Helen screamed at the top of her lungs, but her assistant couldn’t hear her as Travis slowly unbuttoned her black blazer.

“Everything okay?” Edward asked while closing  the door.

The body thief began unbuttoning the low cut blouse right in front of him. “Everything’s okay,” he said. “But I’m really horny right now. Can you ‘assist’ me with that?”

Smiling, Edward locked the door and nodded while Helen fought for control. She had to do something, but when her assistant began kissing the body thief’s neck, she felt her control and mind slipping away into the dark corners of Travis’ mind. Once Edward began to fuck her body, every ounce of her existence began to fade away until Travis inevitably gained full ownership forever.

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