Friday, March 11, 2022

All Grown Up


Tammy proudly stared at herself in the mirror as she brushed her older sister’s soft hair. She seemed so smug after she tricked Anne into ‘switching bodies’ for the day with their nana’s spellbook. What Tammy didn‘t tell her was that it was a one-way possession spell. Once Anne consented to giving up her body, the magic did its work, and her little sister was soon enjoying her new body. 

All Anne could do was scream as her little sister made all of the decisions for her. “I know, this really sucks,” Tammy said playfully. “I’ve definitely had a lot of fun, though. Being in college is amazing.” She set the brush down and stared into her dark eyes. “Is Richard your new boyfriend?”

Anne whimpered helplessly. “Leave him alone.”

Tammy laughed. “I’ll tell you what. I’ll ask nana how to reverse all of this once I get a chance to try him out.”

What their nana didn’t tell her was that the longer Tammy possessed her sister’s body, the harder it would be to leave through magic. By the time Richard came to Anne’s condo for some fun, it was already too late. She made her final decision after experiencing the love, passion, and excitement with being an adult. 

There was no way Tammy was going to go back to being a bratty 19-year-old.

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