Thursday, March 10, 2022

The New Resort Owner

 Alice was a 19-year-old girl exploring the world with her boyfriend, Stuart. They wanted to see the world before they started studying at school, and when a chance to stay at a tropical resort at a cheap price appeared, the couple jumped at the opportunity. The village locals were extremely kind and generous whenever they ventured out into the nearby jungles. The local children gifted Alice with a beautiful brass bracelet and hugged her as she left them.

What they didn’t know was that Helga was watching their every move and orchestrating a terrible plot. She was an elderly lady who was providing them with extra days at the resort she owned. They went from staying on the island for two weeks to staying on the island for a month.

Helga didn’t care how much money her resort was losing. The longer Alice stayed, the stronger Helga’s magic became. The bracelet she had the village children give to Alice was a cursed bracelet that slowly darkened Alice’s soul. By the end of the month, Alice’s body was ready.

Helga triggered the dark magic within the bracelet and successfully possessed Alice. The young girl screamed in her trapped mind as the body thief flaunted her young and beautiful body around the resort. The old witch visited her resort’s massage parlor and ordered three of her favorite employees to service her every need.

They massaged her naked body and surrounded her beauty. When Stuart came by to pick her up, he stumbled upon Helga moaning with the naked man as they made love in front of him.

“You can go,” she cooed. “I’m happy right here.”

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